Sunwing Industries Limited has released the latest artificial box hedges in Planter for commercial use:

HPA001BC: Fordable Package Artificial Box Hedge Walls with Casters

HPA001-NC: Free-standing Artificial Boxwood Walls without Planters

This article will introduce the difference between the latest artificial hedge planters and the old planters and the application of these new faux hedges planters.

New Style HPA001-BC VS. Old Artificial Box Hedges in Planter

To change the disadvantage of being large and not easy to move around. We have designed our new products to be very flexible in changing activities. The ease of assembling makes it practical to reuse in other scenarios.

Fordable Package Artificial Box Hedges in Planter -sample disassembly 

The HPA001-BC is easily and conveniently assembled by stretching the wire mesh for folding and fixing with plastic straps.


Artificial hedges in planter HAP001-BC


Regular artificial box hedges in planters HPA001

HPA001-BC artificial box hedges

  • Hedge Material: A001 Classic Boxwood Hedges
  • Inner structure: Iron Grid
  • Planter MATERIAL: WPC
  • MOQ:10PCS
  • Foldable & installation

Regular faux box in Planter

  • Hedge Material: A001 Classic Boxwood Hedges
  • Internal structure: Iron Grid
  • Planter Material: WPC plate
  • MOQ: Decided by the size
  • Unfoldable

New Style HPA001-NC VS. Old Artificial Boxwood Hedges in Planter

Compared to the original artificial hedges planter, the HPA001-NC is transported to you piece by piece, using nails for installation. It is much easier to handle. Without Planter save transport costs.

artificial-hedges planter-hpa001

Artificial hedges planter HPA001-NC


Regular artificial box hedges in planters HPA001


  • Hedge Material: A001 Classic Boxwood Hedges
  • Inner structure: Iron Grid
  • No planter & Bulk transport & requires installation.
  • Size: 95*95*25cm; Special sizes can custom

Regula faux boxwood in planters

  • Hedge Material: A001 Classic Boxwood Hedges
  • Inner structure: Iron Grid
  • Planter MATERIAL: WPC
  • Size:100*100*25cm

How to Choose the Best Artificial Boxwood Hedge Among the Three?

Sunwing’s new fake box hedges are not suitable for all clients who want to import artificial hedges!

1. Regular faux boxwood in Planters HA001

The regular artificial boxwood planters can’t be folded, taking up space in the cabinet, and spending more on shipping costs! Compared to new fake hedges planter is more outwardly intact, with no fading of the leaves!

  • Target customers: Construction; Complete appearance required; No installation desired
  • Application area: The area lack privacy and not need to move frequently.

2. Fordable Package Artificial Box Hedge HA001-BC

If you are working for an event, that needs to be used in various scenarios, transport, and installation frequently, fordable package fake box hedges are perfect for you. Dissembled into three parts, space-saving storage!

  • Target customers: Event rental & Wedding decoration; Requires frequent disassembly for transport.
  • Application area: Wedding decoration, privacy protection at significant events.

Note that due to its collapsible nature, one carton can hold more faux boxwood in planters. The leaves may be slightly crushed and fall off during transport.

3. Free-standing Artificial Boxwood Walls without Planters HA001-NC

Can fold for bulk shipping to save on shipping costs. Artificial box hedges without planters are recommended if you have a better planter installer in your area.

  • Target customers: Landscape & outdoor entertainment venues
  • Application area: Swimming pool & garden for privacy

Check out how to secure high artificial boxwood planters from the strong wind!

How to Install the New Artificial Hedges in Planter?

For HPA001-BC, you need to secure with plastic string. We have updated the HPA001-NC artificial box hedges; the original plastic straps have been exchanged for more easily fit rivets. Watch this video for a more visual idea of how to install artificial privacy planters. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our expert staff for assistance!

Outdoor Artificial Box Hedge Planters for Commercial Decoration

The practicality of fake hedges has made it the most popular product on the market. Use artificial hedges for decoration at weddings, for privacy on outdoor balconies, swimming pools where privacy is needed. Features the following:

  • Long outdoors UV protection & Insensitive to harsh environments
  • Hundreds of Foliage Styles & Colors
  • The best decorative products for privacy protection
  • Best Cost-control solution for Import Business

Here are our client’s projects:

best pool privacy ideas

Swimming Pool Privacy Hedges

outdoor wedding with artificial hedges planters

Outdoor Wedding Boundary Denotation

Outdoor event with UV protected boxwood planters

Outdoor Event Design for Commercials

If you want to check more projects, welcome to view more about our artificial plants walls projects to get inspiration.

Wholesale Boxwood Hedges Planters From Sunwing

As an artificial plants supplier, Sunwing artificial plants is committed to providing more prem artificial boxwood hedges planters to meet the requirements of our clients:

  1. 100% fresh material composition
  2. High UV & fire-resistant artificial fences
  3. Support customization: size, style, density
  4. Mass production & timely delivery
  5. SGS certified heavy metal free & no damage to wall
  6. ISO certified, and Alibaba audited artificial plant manufacturer & exporter
  7. Factory direct price with exclusive wholesale discounts

artificial-hedges-planter-catalogCheck the latest fake boxwood hedges planter catalog!


As one of the leading artificial box hedges in planter manufacturers in China, Sunwing artificial plants supply & export premium artificial boxwood planters of different quality while delivering you the most functional artificial hedges in planters to all kinds of markets worldwide. Welcome to contact us to get a free sample thru





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