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Enough of bland walls? With a plant wall, you bring biophilic design into interiors and landscaping. What about its situation in 2024 though the green plant wall has been in the limelight in recent years? Today, we will focus on the up-to-date trend regarding hot vertical walls in the landscape industry.

Global Search Trend for Plant Wall

A few researchers have carried out studies on the global green wall market, indicating a bright prospect in recent years. Other than these comprehensive research and insights, Let’s take a look at the search marks of “plant wall” left by people worldwide on Google Trends.

google trends for plant wall

  • popularity over time

In mid-April 2023, the global search popularity of plant walls was 75. As of April 16, 2024, this value has increased to 88, an increase of 17% over the same period last year. However, in September 2023, the search volume for plant walls reached a peak of 100. It can be seen that the search volume of plant walls is steadily increasing in the next few months, and there is still room for improvement.

  • popularity by region

As you can see, the color’s depth represents the level of search interest. Geographically, the trend is mainly concentrated in the UK, Australia, New Zealand ,Nepal and the U.S, followed by Philippines, Pakistan, Singapore, UAE and Ireland. Each continent has a certain amount of search volume, nevertheless, research predicts that North America and Europe are expected to hold prominent plants wall market share.

Please note that the data is updated in real-time, even within a few minutes.

  • potential factors

What affects the global search trend of the plant vertical wall in the latest year? The answer is easily visible. For the time being, we now attribute the factors to the following.

  1. Government policies, for example protecting the environment, are a major driver for the domestic and international market.
  2. Growth in the living standard, especially among the middle class gives an impetus to the landscaping plant walls business.
  3. The importance of biophilic design has gained traction in architecture and interior design. And plant walls are a distinctive feature of biophilic design.

All in all, For 2024, which is just coming, the situation of the plant wall is good. We have selected the latest year’s data, which is not only more referential to the market trend of this year. And meanwhile, many of you will start the export and wholesale artificial plants plan in 2024 mainly based on the statistics.

Media Types of Green Walls

Green walls are plants growing vertically on walls or other structures, and are also regarded as plant walls and vertical gardens. The plant wall generally presents five main media types for a reference to Wikipedia.

media types of plant green wall

  • Free-standing Green Walls

The most obvious feature of the freestanding media type is portable. More importantly, plant living walls can even save much water owing to hydroponic technology, which is a breakthrough for landscaping.

  • Loose Vertical Garden

This form of vertical garden requires the soil as an attachment, just like plants growing upwards the earth. The difference is that the soil is not on the ground, but in shelves or bags. Based on such media, you will find it a good choice for small-scale gardening but limited to specific regions. Not only do you need to change the media regularly, but it’s not sturdy, especially in earthquake-prone areas.

  • Greenery Wall Mats

Other than the mat media type being suitable for low-seismic areas, you have to know about two main restraints. On the one hand, it cannot support a well-developed rooting system so take care when choosing plants. On the other hand, the mat type needs constant irrigation due to its inability to store water.

  • Vertical Plant Sheet

Vertical plant walls with sheeting systems have gained wide utilization around the globe. In general, this type of plant wall possesses a longer lifespan than other types because of an enduring active substrate.

  • Structural Living Walls

Many architects prefer to apply structural living walls to interior and exterior landscape projects. Walls with plants can easily alter into various shapes and sizes with availability for customization, hence practical while stunning.

Analyze the pros and cons of different plant wall systems and it turns out the most applicable are freestanding, sheet, and structural. Otherwise, we can do some research on the major players’ markets to sum up which kind is the trendy vertical wall media type.

Learn more about artificial plant wall ideas.

Living Plant Wall VS Artificial Plant Wall

To be honest, it sounds like spouting the same old platitudes when it comes to “living walls or fake green walls”. But how can we overlook the issue in terms of the global market trend? In other words, is it not with value and reference for the landscape industry?

  • Living wall

Apart from filtering air, large-scale living green walls can ameliorate the urban heat-island effect. In the final analysis, the live plant wall has made a great contribution to our living environments. But there’s no doubt that you have to pay – higher costs. Besides, how to choose the right plants in the right places? Now, let us take simple examples.

Sun-friendly plants, also known as “positive plants”, refer to plants that grow in the sun and rely on chlorophyll for photosynthesis to provide nutrients for better growth. Common plants for the sun are rose, pomegranate, chrysanthemum, sunflower, lavender, rosemary, etc.

Shade-requiring plants, also called “negative plants”, dislike sunlight more than shade-tolerant plants. This is a relative concept, which is opposite to sun-friendly plants. Most of them, such as ferns and orchids grow under forests, shady slopes, and indoors.

So you have to select the right plants for the plant wall landscape based on the plant’s characteristics.

Except for not being environmentally friendly, the fake vertical garden wall is more cost-effective than a living green wall. It means that gardeners can be free from frequent caring for those plants, hence reducing the long-term costs. Since the plant wall is composed of artificial greenery, you even don’t have to consider which is the right place.

But one thing you need to pay attention to is to make sure the artificial vertical wall is fire retardant before purchasing. Level B is essential to interior landscaping, especially when it’s an emergency for fire safety.

Trendy Vertical Walls Landscaping

Here are some typical plant wall cases and projects for you to have an intuitive feeling regarding applications in landscaping. No matter which kind of plant wall, live or fake, they all have their own advantages and features. Follow the trend otherwise lead the trend.

cases and projects of living walls

  • Indoor Plants Wall Setting

Use the LiveWall® indoor living wall system, which is beneficial to plants’ growth, hence creating a stunning 3D plant wallpaper. However, a piece of art is not the eternal goal for a green wall but its long-term benefits to people. By integrating various plants into the building, the biophilic wall is definite to purify indoor air. Through the influence of greenery has on-air, then vegetation helps the building’s Heating Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system.

  • Outdoor Plants Wall Setting

As the demand for more comfortable living environments, landscape developers have seized the opportunity in a hurry. Slightly different from the indoor vertical garden, LiveWall® outdoor plants wall system makes it suited to grow regardless of the exterior climate. A major feature of modern architecture is coordinating the right plants with the right places. As mentioned above, you also need to take into account whether plants for sun or plants for shade.

  • Residential Plants Wall Setting

Sometimes you desire to be free from the noisy, busy, and chaotic life, so why not be comforted by plant walls? While surrounded by fresh green plants, you will find peace of mind and calm down. So bringing nature into your homes can turn monotonous areas into indoor gardens, helping keep your home a peaceful haven, away from the pressure of modern life.

  • Commercial Green Wall Setting

Live plant walls, welcomed in increasing landscaping projects, help make a statement for the facade of buildings. However, except for outside, they are limitless when it comes to indoor environments, especially offices. You will be surprised to find that workplaces can become a forest paradise with help of indoor vertical garden plants. Moreover, have you found that your attention, creativity, and productivity have been lifted once you’re embraced by the surrounding greenery? (Cases from ANS GLOBAL)

Plant Wall You’ll Need in 2024

Anyway, the plant wall is instant green for the garden, ideal for events, and can transform offices as well as exteriors. Wherever the green wall is applicable, you should consider carefully is there any necessity for the artificial or live wall. Although they are both lush for decoration, low impact or high impact will speak for themselves. We meant no confusion for you because you will get what you need in 2024.


fire retardant and uv protected artificial green wallFirst, let us see the artificial plant wall.

  • Fire retardant Artificial Green Walls

Fire safety is no longer a secret for interior and landscape designers since many fire emergencies arise annually. ThermaLeaf® is a patent for fire-rated artificial wall plants, belonging to Commercial Silk.

While actually, other artificial green wall suppliers like Sunwing have advanced the fire-rated technology, which is up to Level B standard, exceeding the average market level.

  • UV resistant Artificial Wall Plants

Why UV protection is always on agenda in terms of the worldwide artificial plant trade? The reason is artificial plant wall, unlike real plants, will not wither away but will fade in its expectancy. This is the inevitable trend for all artificial plants products, so the only method is to make them last longer before fading. Compliant with ThermaLeaf® tech, PermaLeaf® is a patented technology for outdoor fake vertical walls.

Second, what about the moss wall art.

Preserved moss wall is real, not alive nor artificial but a trendy art wall in the interior landscape. Through several manufacturing processes, the forest moss turns into MOSSwall®, a patent invented by VERDE PROFILO®. By dehydration and recreation, the live reindeer moss becomes preserved artworks, bringing fresh forest into the interiors. Sunwing moss range artificial moss, preserved moss, living moss, and dried moss, get to know artificial preserved living moss difference. Check moss wall faqs below:

Top 8 FAQs About Preserved Moss Wall Art

Keep in mind that preserved reindeer moss is suited for interiors because it does not require sunlight like other plants.

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Where to Find an Authentic Artificial Vertical Garden Manufacturer?

Looking further above and we have mentioned some companies such as Commercial Silk in the artificial landscape, Live Wall, Ans Global, and VERDE PROFILO in real plant wall landscape. The plant wall market share is mainly in the hand of North America and Europe, which locates many experienced suppliers. However, a truth indicates that most artificial plants manufacturers and exporters are in Asia, especially in China. Some top fake plant wall players such as Minzo, Sunwing Industries Ltd, Artiker International Co., etc., have driven up the market both domestically and internationally.

If you are looking for a reliable artificial plant wall supplier, we shall give you some advice. Subscribe to us for the latest artificial plant catalog and pricing!





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