top 8 moss art faqs

Are you still doubtful about preserved moss art wall? That’s okay because we have sorted out the most frequently asked questions for your reference. Hope this article will be of some help to your interior design and inspire your purchase desire in the future.

Are you still doubtful about preserved moss art? That’s okay because we have sorted out the most frequently asked questions for your reference. Hope this article will be of some help to your interior design and inspire your purchase desire in the future.

Now we will focus on the following top eight faqs for your quick view.

What Are Benefits of Preserved Moss Wall Art?

As a work of art from nature, the moss wall transforms a dull interior into a botanical garden. But natural green moss also has fabulous advantages that can benefit various aspects of human beings, doesn’t it? We have three types of moss, glad to tell you the difference moss.

benefits of natural reindeer moss

>>Strengthen Your Physical Health

  • Improve Interior Air Quality

Dust in the air contains various impurities or pollutants, which will undoubtedly cause harm to our bodies. In the case when people inhale airborne dust, it can lead to respiratory infections, asthma, and even lung cancer.

  • Reduce Carbon Dioxide Levels

Harmony between man and nature has been an eternal law for centuries. Natural moss absorbs the carbon dioxide we exhale and releases the oxygen we need. Hence, it is in this way to maintain a long-term relationship between people and green plants, especially in interior spaces.

  • Stabilize Moisture

Studies have shown that a room with live moss art tends to keep humidity at 40%~60%. The stabilized moisture levels will restrain the spread of disease as well as improve dry skins in indoor settings.

>>Enhance Your Spirits

  • Lower Noise

Like other plants, art moss walls can block the spread of high-frequency sounds to create peaceful environments. Under such interiors in calm and peaceful, you will relax hearts and clear minds.

  • Decrease Stress

Up to now, many studies prove that people can get less stressed living and working in places with green plants. This is one of the most essential factors that more and more people prefer to bring nature indoors.

  • Increase Productivity

Natural green moss helps you concentrate attentively, thus increasing efficiency and productivity in work.

  • Cut Down Consumption Costs

Real moss makes it possible for areas to stay cooler than the summer’s average temperature. While on winter days, the moss wall serves as an insulation shelter to balance the heating system and save costs.

Glad to know why preserved moss for indoor decoration is not merely about the benefits.

Are Your Reindeer Moss Walls Alive?

To be honest, our moss art walls are not as alive as traditional living walls with ferns or ivy plants. However, the raw material used to be a growing reindeer moss for preservation to become pieces of “living art.”

Some of you prefer the living moss art to the artificial moss due to the great benefits above. But have you thought about the lifespan of harvested mosses from forests? Sunwing has gone through a set of procedures to extend the expectancy as long as possible while keeping them “alive.”


  1. Screen and rinse all of the imported forest fresh moss to remove debris.
  2. Dehumidify mosses and keep them dry in preparation for preservation.
  3. Re-screen and then dye the moss with non-toxic reactive dyes. Before this procedure, each type of moss must pass through over 80 degrees Celsius to properly absorb the color.
  4. Preserve and soften the colored moss with chemical organics to maintain its softness without signs of life.
  5. Finally, pack the moss into a transparent BOPP plastic bag under quality control.

Through dehydration and reproduction, it’s easy to preserve the moss’s natural appearance and reshape it into landscapes.

Living Walls or Preserved Moss Walls?

Before delving into the answer, let us reach a consensus on one thing: the difference does not mean superiority. Both living walls and art moss walls have their own characteristics and give a full play to the interior design.

whether living walls or moss walls

living walls vs moss walls


Vertical gardens are alive, so they require proper lighting, watering, and regular pruning. But preserved natural moss walls only need minimal upkeep.


Not all plants can thrive at the same temperature, so you have to choose appropriate live plants for interior walls. Though our moss sheets are ideal for spaces without light, you’d better take care of the indoor humidity.


Live vertical walls are suitable for indoors and outdoors with proper water, sunlight, and climate. But the reproduced moss only makes sense for interiors.


Living moss has fewer varieties than a wide range of plant wall types and still can integrate with nature indoors.

Artificial Moss Walls Vs. Preserved Moss Walls

  • Moss Wall Lifespan

Preserved moss as a form of dried natural reindeer moss required a lot in both environments and maintenance for a longer lifespan.

  • Moss Wall Varieties

And restricted to live moss varieties, artificial moss can be more diversified in ranges and styles like artificial cushion lichens, artificial rock-like moss wall sheets or artificial fern moss, etc.

sunwing artificial moss rock like for wall mounted

Rock-like Moss Wall

fern moss suppliers in china

Artificial Fern Moss Sheet

sunwing cushion moss supplier

Artificial Cushion Moss Tiles

artificial Moss wall supplier

  • Moss Wall Design

With more varieties in moss styles, artificial moss walls can be applied both indoors and outdoors for design or decoration purposes. View more artificial plant wall projects if you are interested.

Does Moss Need Any Sunlight?

According to the inhabitant environment, moss usually doesn’t rely on sunlight but moisture in the air to survive and grow. Or to say, most of the mosses prefer humid shade to the sunlight. Even so, some moss kinds need the sunshine to photosynthesize for food and for cleaning the air.

However, concerning the processing technology, preserved reindeer moss art should keep away from the sunshine. Once exposed to the sunlight, mosses with preservation may lose their original color, affecting the lifespan. Hence, we suggest incorporating a moss wall that is not alive in indoor settings.

How to Create Art with Moss Sheets or Framed Moss?

Here, some projects from Sunwing can inspire your interior design. Otherwise, you can ask for a quote for customization.

how to create moss art

Bespoke moss art design from Sunwing

>>Indoor Reindeer Moss Wall

No matter where you desire to install moss panels, the ultimate preserved wall will leave a “wow” effect.

Framed Moss Art

It’s time to remove the usual stereotype of photo frames and replace them with 3D moss plant frames. Without exaggeration, customized moss patterns or combinations with other indoor plants in the frame have a high impact on the entire interior decoration.

Moss Logos & Signs

Besides, you can make a statement or add accents for office interiors by using bespoke moss numbers or letters. It’s a piece of cake for Sunwing’s professional design team to create shapes just like dots on a computer screen.

Pure or Mixing Colors

Have you ever thought about how many colors of reindeer moss before? Sunwing Statistics suggest that 10 more colors have come into application. Don’t be confused about whether a pure or mixing color will be better because it’s just a matter of taste.

All of you can have a brainstorming because everyone is creative to be your own designer!

How to Take Care of Interior Moss Wall Art?

Having an indoor art moss wall is like having an artificial vertical garden, so it’s almost maintenance-free.

How to Preserve the Reindeer Moss Art


Reminder: Keep the preserved reindeer moss indoors ONLY.

Humidity: It’s worth paying attention to it because living moss walls or preserved moss walls rely on interior humidity. So keep the moss away from radiators and heaters.

Dust: It’s necessary to regularly blow off dust with cold air from a hairdryer.

Strong sunshine: Do not leave your moss exposed to the intense sunlight in case of color, texture, and life.

Temperature: -20 to 50 Celsius degrees will be the most suitable.

Additionally, you can apply a non-toxic preservative to the reindeer moss art wall to further extend its expectancy.

How Long Does Preserved Moss Last?

As far as the shelf life of live moss is concerned, 3 years is essential. While the preserved moss art can even last 5~8 years with care.


Not all mosses are alive, but almost all of them can become decorative works of art. As long as you treat reindeer moss like a green plant, it can also shine in its life. So what about bringing forest moss into your interior design? Sunwing industries ltd, a leading artificial plants supplier China, is exporting preserved moss in kg or sqm. since 2020. Welcome to get a moss wall catalog or more preserved moss bulk details thru





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