Artificial Hedges Panels Manufacturer in China

Regular size: 50*50cm/pc | MOQ: 200sqm/800pcs

UV & Fire Rated Artificial Hedges Panels

Fake Hedges are privacy panels made for fence screens and green wall covering. The lifelike artificial foliage or leaves panels are made UV protected, and fire retarded better to fit the indoor and outdoor garden and landscape.
Faux hedges panels or fake hedges are trendy in many markets as fence or plant wall design materials.

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Artificial Hedge Plants Import Trend

fake boxwood hedges mats wholesale

Classic Boxwood Series
50*50cm/pc | MOQ: 200sqm

artificial boxwood hedges factory china

Artificial Hedge Panels
50*50cm/pc | MOQ: 200sqm


Over 100+ Artificial Hedges
50*50cm/pc | MOQ: 200sqm

Artificial foliage panels or artificial greenery wall panels are great materials as fake hedge walls or artificial hedge fence panels. Artificial wall hedges or artificial privacy hedges can offer over 98% coverage. More Artificial Hedging Fence Ranges to Discover! >>

Indoor Artificial Wall Hedges or Outdoor Artifical Fence Hedges

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