Artificial Hedges in Planters Wholesale in China

artificial hedge planter wholesale

Wholesale Artificial Hedges in Planters in Bulk

Sunwing artificial hedges in planters or faux boxwood in planters are the perfect free-standing greenery wall or fence especially for outdoors. With the realistic design and UV stable foliage, these box hedges quickly become privacy screens & spaces dividers for interiors or exteriors.
• 100% Fresh new PE materials with SGS certificate
• UV treated, fire retardant & waterproof functions
• Long-lasting, fade-free lifespan both indoors and outdoors
• Variable choices, custom selection of hedges in planters
• Can be movable or not
• Designed to be commercial grade
Learn more for methods on securing high artificial hedges planter from strong wind!


Artificial Boxwood Hedge with Planter Box
L100*W25*H100cm/pc | MOQ:10-20pcs

photinia leaf of artificial planters

Photinia Hedges Planter
L100*W25*H100cm/pc | MOQ:10-20pcs

laurel foliage of artificial box hedge planters

Laurel Hedges Planter
L100*W25*H100cm/pc | MOQ:10-20pcs

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Sunwing is an international artificial plants trader with its factory engaged in manufacturing a wide range of artificial hedging, artificial plants, flowers, trees, pots, and more. We provide premium Artificial Boxwood Planters Manufacturer and offer attentive care like the 24-hour online and bespoke design. Would you like to learn more about us further and get free samples from