Artificial Moss Walls Supplier in China

natural moss wall for offices

Lifelike Artificial Moss Wall Bulk

Our artificial moss walls draw lessons from the real moss’ block shape and beautify it to make it more ornamental.
Foam outlines the basic shape of mosses. The overlay of nylon wool determines the overall appearance. This improved design has many applications.

Whether used in wall decoration or floor decoration, people deeply love it. This kind of moss decoration gives designers more inspiration when choosing wallpaper and flooring. Sourcing Natural Reindeer Moss? Click Here to Visit >>

Have no idea of the Difference? View Comparison: Artificial Moss vs. Preserved Moss vs. Living Moss

Sunwing Artificial Moss Walls Applications

Sunwing artificial plants supply the most varieties of artificial moss or fake moss wall tiles from China. Check our top artificial moss walls trend:

  • Rock-like Moss Wall Mat
  • Artificial Cushion Moss Tiles
  • Artificial Fern Moss Sheets
  • Artificial Moss Wall Tiles

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