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Regular size: 100*100cm/pc | MOQ: 50~100PCS
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Sunwing artificial vertical garden mats are made highly UV protected and fire-rated for safe indoors and long-lasting outdoors. It can be installed on walls or fences to offer instant privacy and beauty. This product will be a great addition to artificial grass retail, wholesale or garden landscape supply business! All grades of artificial wall garden panels for your choices. Get import price Now!

Projects Supplied by Sunwing

UV protected outdoor artificial greenery wall or fence
outdoor privacy screen 100% coverage green walls
outdoor landscape and fence screen wall garden
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commercial interior decoration with artificial vertical garden panels

Premium Indoor or Outdoor Artificial Green Walls

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Which to meet interior fire codes for building commit, Sunwing artificial vertical garden panels are manufactured IFR(inherently fire rated) tested for application on the building in different areas. As for long-lasting outdoor stay demands, Sunwing produces the wall plants with highly UV production to offer over 3 years outdoor warranty. Our Main Evergreen Wall Panels cover:

For B2B trade purposes, welcome to learn more on the artificial green wall trade page.

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