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uv resistant and fire retardant artificial plantsArtificial Green Wall panels are ultra-realistic artificial leaves densely fixed on the iron mesh, and the artificial leaves can be replaced at will to obtain special styles and shapes.

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Artificial Plant Wall Manufacturer in China

Indoor artificial leaf wall panels:

Our artificial plant wall panels use high-quality PE new materials with optional fire-rated additives, which are non-toxic and harmless, and will not have an irritating taste, and can be used for indoor green wall decoration with confidence.

Outdoor artificial green walls:

To ensure that the artificial green wall plants can be used outdoors for a long time, we have added UV materials to the artificial leaves during the production process to ensure that these faux green walls can be used normally outdoors without fast fading.

UV-Resistant and Fire-retardant artificial green walls are great for indoor and outdoor commercial projects. Check artificial plants for walls gallery page to get inspired by more artificial wall panels or artificial wall greenery projects by our clients or explore more artificial vertical gardens for choices!

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Artificial Green Wall Ranges from Sunwing

Sunwing artificial plants as a leading artificial green wall manufacturer, all artificial greenery walls are Internationally tested and certified. As a professional artificial plant manufacturer, we can provide a high-quality artificial vertical garden and perfect green wall panels. Check our other range of artificial wall plants ranges:

Welcome to check our clients' green plant wall projects or galleries from event design, garden landscape, or commercial office restaurant hotel.

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