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Premium Miniature Artificial Plants Manufacturer in China

Sunwing Industries Limited is a leading mini artificial plant wholesale supplier and manufacturer in China.

Rich experience: With over 10 years of experience producing small artificial plants, Sunwing artificial plants specialize in providing high-quality small artificial plants in pots for home decoration, commercial projects, etc.

Constant R & D: Sunwing is constantly innovating in fake plant manufacturing technology and developing new styles. Besides traditional potted plants, Sunwing supplies mini fake plants in paper pulp pots.

Internationally Certified: Sunwing factory has passed ISO, BSCI, GMP, and other international standards. Sunwing small artificial potted plants are made of high-quality plastic, fire retardant, and UV resistant, safe to use indoors & outdoors, and tested by SGS, RoHS, etc.

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OEM/ODM in Small Faux Plants in Pots

Sunwing industries limited exports all kinds of artificial mini plants for artificial plants retailers, wholesalers, fake plant rentals, etc. Sunwing has become one of the largest miniature artificial plants wholesale in China, exporting a large number of tiny artificial plants every year. In addition to premium miniature fake plants in Sunwing, we also support OEM/ODM service, including:

  • Customize unique faux mini plants according to different regional trends
  • Customized packaging solutions to enhance the brand value

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Custom Small / Mini Artificial Plants Wholesale Supplier

More Artificial Plants in Sunwing

In addition to mini artificial plants, Sunwing offers a wide range of other artificial plants, including artificial fences, artificial trees, artificial grass, faux trailing plants, preserved moss, and more.