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Minimum order Moss Sheets: 50 sqm | Boxed moss: 5okg

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Chinese Moss Wall Supplier

China is the world’s factory, also the largest exporter of artificial plants. Since the moss wall becomes popular, an increasing number of factories begin to produce preserved moss or artificial moss. Sunwing industries ltd is now a moss wall supplier that can offer a range of moss walls for business:

They can meet the needs both for indoor and outdoor decoration. In order to easy decoration, we can offer sheet moss tiles, framed moss, and weighed moss. Discover More Artificial Plants Wall Ideas Here! >>

Chinese Moss Wall Supplier

What is a moss wall?

A moss wall is a decorative wall made up of natural reindeer moss or lichens adhered to the wall. Most installations are designed using real moss that has undergone a preservation process to extend its lifespan. Sunwing offers artificial moss walls as well to enrich your designs and lifespan.

How is a moss wall different from a living wall?

The critical difference between the two is that living walls are built from plants actively growing while moss walls are preserved. In such way, a living wall requires lots of upkeep but preserved moss does not need water or light.

Where do you get your moss? Is it sustainable?

We get the harvested moss from remote mountains in China. And of course, it’s sustainable because we try to keep a small carbon footprint. And other living plants or decorations like ferns, rocks, branches, and frames are all sourced locally. Every aspect of production is conducted here in the China factory by us.

How to distinguish different qualities?

The height, diameter, size and color lasting time of the moss itself

Why preserved moss for indoor decorations?

How long do preserved moss walls last?

As far as the shelf life of Sunwing moss wall supply is concerned, 3 years warranty is essential. While the preserved moss wall can last 5~8 years with care.

What kind of colorant do you use?

To control final moss wall performance, Sunwing applies the latest colorant formula and can offer over 20 colors of moss walls now.

Tell me about the manufacturing process?

The reindeer moss is screened first, then rinsed, dried, re-screened, colored, preserved, and softened, and finally, screen again packed in boxed. The artificial moss is made from fabrics and applying a much simpler process in manufacturing.

For natural moss, what is the conditions of use / environment?

Can’t be near water, windows, or radiators. It’s best not to be near places with strong sunlight. The operating temperature is between -20 and 50 degrees.

Can I have a moss wall outdoors?

We do not recommend installing moss walls outdoors. Exposure to direct sunlight or rain can greatly shorten the life expectancy of moss walls. However, it may be permissible in certain cases, such as in the partially open position where the wall itself is protected from the elements.

How much does a moss wall art cost?

While there are a lot of factors that impact cost, such as design, transportation, and installation, in general, a moss wall is less expensive than a living wall, as much as 40 percent. Where an owner also saves money is on the cost of ongoing maintenance. But if reindeer moss is housed in frames, and the type of moss wall frame impacts the overall cost.

How to maintain a live moss wall?

Read more about preserved moss art FAQs.

Welcome to download our moss wall catalog for reference. If there’s any question about artificial moss or reindeer moss wholesale, feel free to contact us thru

Are there different artificial moss walls?

Of course, we offer:

  • Rock-like Moss Wall Mat
  • Artificial Cushion Moss Tiles
  • Artificial Fern Moss Sheets
  • Artificial Moss Wall Tiles

For more varieties, welcome to download the artificial moss catalog!