As the most faved common items of our global clients, our artificial boxwood hedges are made of fresh LDPE. They can cover any larger surfaces with their dense faux foliage to meet your commercial needs and residential needs.

Fake boxwood hedges are ideal for adding privacy to the buildings both inside and out. The evergreen artificial hedges can blend in with the whole natural setting of the yard and denote boundary.

The budget-friendly boxwood artificial hedges also welcome bulk purchasing to complete big decoration projects.


Artificial hedge panels are produced in modular units such as 50 x50 cm and 1 x 1m. With a large foliage plants list, one is able to choose the right type of foliage leaves to meet different decoration purposes.

Well-assembled artificial hedge panels can be used to add privacy, denote boundary and boost greenery. Mixed with assorted faux flowers and plants, artificial hedges can liven up a space instantly. Besides its strong DIY nature, hedge panels are also highly applicable in various places, such as outwalls, indoor pillars, fences and even city urban beautification.

Various artificial hedge panels are recommended in interior and exterior design.


Green walls can be very appealing in interior design but growing a real vertical garden is anything but an easy task. Afraid of all the maintenance nuances and irrigation problems? Artificial green walls can really save you the bother.

Having an artificial vertical garden can really impress your customers, guests and friends. They are ideal for photo background, storefront and playground enclosure etc. Artificial vertical gardens can be of temporary use in weddings, birthday parties, barbeques and other events.

With artificial hedges and boxes of mixed flowers and scapes, unique and brilliant vertical gardens will immediately come into existence.


Artificial boxwood hedges in planters help accentuating the garden gate, sectioning off the garden, dividing spaces and safeguarding privacy. With easy installation, the ultra-realism artificial hedges with radiant and lush greens bring the whole space to life in no time.

Our artificial hedges in planters help you with temporary decoration, adorned with various artificial flowers and plants, a gorgeous artificial boxwood hedge backdrop gives your wedding/events or any display projects a luxurious finish and the movable planters ensure a multiple usage within the guarantee time of our products, which is both economical and ecological.

Artificial hedges in planters can be an optimal alternative for any leasing business.