TOP1. Natural Dried Pampas Wholesale for Weddings
MOQ: 500pcs

Unlike artificial pampas, we also supply naturally dried pampas that can be more fluffy to create a gentle atmosphere, which is on the trend of 2021. Whether you are setting up or enriching artificial plants business, this will be your top choice for consideration.

  • 10+ color options
  • Total length: 1.5 m; Reed grass length: 70-100 cm

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real dried pampas & artificial pampas supplier
sunwing indoor natura or artificial moss wall materials

TOP 2. Preserved Reindeer Moss

Sunwing preserved moss mats are manufactured by the original natural moss collected from remote mountains.

By dehydration and recreation, we restored the reindeer moss’s actual appearance in the wild and turned it into a residential & commercial landscape.

Preserved reindeer moss gradually becomes the interior designers’ favor for its instant wild beauty with the lowest maintenance.

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Outdoor Fence with Artificial Green Wall with White Flowers

TOP3. Artificial Vertical Garden
MOQ:100sqm | 100*100cm

Sunwing Artificial Green Walls stand out for:

  • SGS certified quality
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001
  • UV treated (optional)
  • Bespoke Design
  • Fire-retarded (Optional)
  • Enchanting natural looking
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Regular size: 100cm*100cm (customizable)
  • Long-lasting outdoors for over 3 years
  • 5 years warranty for safety indoors

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home decor with artificial leaves potted plants

TOP 4. Artificial Trees
-50 pieces for rugular sizes

As an artificial plant supplier with rich experience and an artificial tree manufacturer, Sunwing holds most artificial trees plants varieties and manufacturing capabilities on the markets.

Artificial trees in pots or large tall artificial trees are becoming more and more popular in interior decoration. The shape of artificial potted trees makes them more convenient to be moved and saves much unnecessary trouble.

artificial boxwood hedge planters milan landscape

TOP 5. Artificial Boxwood Hedges

As the most favored items of overseas brands and businesses, Sunwing artificial boxwood hedges have led the industry with fresh LDPE and high-performance UV & Fire retardant features for indoor and outdoor applications.

  • For Fence Covering
  • For Green Wall Design
  • For Hedging Background
  • For Space Divider etc.

If you are in the garden, landscape, or design industry searching for expanding your range of offer lists, welcome to get a copy of the wholesale catalog and pricing for reference.

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