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As a leading artificial flower supplier in China, Sunwing industries ltd supplies the largest and latest artificial flower arrangement ranges to the global markets. Our hot sellers are listed below:

Sunwing is here to supply wholesale artificial flowers ornaments in real-touch quality from China. Any interests, welcome to submit requests to discuss!

Real-Touch Quality

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Plastic or Silk Flower Arrangements Wholesale Bulk in China

artificial silk flowers for indoors

Realistic Silk Flowers for Indoors

MOQ: 200 Boxes

Warranty: Indoor 3 Years, Outdoor 6 Months

artificial plastic flowers for outdoors

Premier Plastic Flowers with UV & Fire Retardant

MOQ: 200 Boxes

UV & Fire Retardant Available! Indoor 5 Years, Outdoor 3 years

Range of Artificial Flowers China for Business

sunwing artificial greenery swags
Artificial Swags

L70*H5cm/pc | MOQ:300pcs

sunwing artificial wreaths for wholesale
Artificial Wreaths

Custom Sizes | MOQ:300pcs

sunwing artificial flower or leaves garlands for decor
Artificial Garlands

2.6m/pc | MOQ:100pcs

artificial floral baskets for hanging
Artuificial Hanging Floral Baskets

Custom Designs | MOQ:50pcs

artificial flower bouquets wholesale catalog
Artificial Flower Bouquets Wholesale

Custom | MOQ:200pcs

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artificial wreaths swags garlands supplier in china
Artificial Wreaths Wholesale
artificial flowers supplier in China
Artificial Flowers Arrangements
hanging baskets and desktop plants pots
Hanging Floral Baskets Wholesale
Sunwing original design artificial vertical garden
Original design artificial vertical garden

Sunwing Artificial Flower Faqs

What are artificial flowers made of?

Artificial flowers are made of paper, cotton, parchment, latex, rubber, sateen (for large, bold-colored flowers and arrangements), plastic and dried materials. Most artificial flowers in the market nowadays are made of polyester fabric.

What are real-touch artificial flowers?

Real touch artificial flowers are also called natural touch flowers, life-like flowers, realistic flowers or high quality artificial flowers. They may or may not refer to the same manufacturing process. However, they don’t really have the soft “feel” of natural flower petals.

Are artificial flowers tacky?

Fake flowers used to be considered tacky. Not anymore. Cheap fake plants can definitely look tacky. However, artificial plants and flowers that are carefully crafted with high-quality materials by a company that cares about their craftsmanship can fool even the keenest eye.

Can artificial flowers get wet?

Silk flowers and plants should not get wet, as it can damage them. This method removes the debris without cleaning the plants with water. This will also work well for other fabric plants, such as polyester.

Can fake flowers go outside?

Normally, we do not recommend using artificial flowers for the outdoors as they are delicate in silk material. But for outdoor weddings or other events, silk flowers can temporarily serve as arrangements once coated with UV-resistant sprays.

Read more about outdoor artificial flowers ideas.

How to keep artificial floral products from fading in the sun ?

Use Fabric Protection Spray. Lay your artificial flowers down on some sheets of old newspaper in a well ventilated area. Apply the UV resistant spray in sweeping motions and leave to dry for approximately 10 minutes before you place your artificial flowers back in the path of direct sunlight or weather exposure.

Are silk or pe flowers looks fake?

Fake flowers, depending on the quality of the flowers can be much cheaper in the long run. They do have the advantage of not wilting and won’t freeze in cold weather. Good artificial flowers are easy to maintain can be reused during the next event.

Why artificial not real flowers? Is it better?

Artificial flowers are the answer to most of the disadvantages of fresh flowers. They don’t have any pollen, which makes them safe for those who are allergic to fresh flowers. They last forever and will remain beautiful for as long as you keep them dust-free. Best of all, you can have all kinds of flowers in all imaginable colors no matter the season.

Where to buy artificial flowers in bulk?

Anything else questions about faux flowers bulk wholesale? Welcome to get in touch with us for custom manufacture, quality assurance, and get the latest artificial plant catalogs, etc.

How to Wholesale Artificial Flower Aranngements?

Check this import guide below:

Artificial Plants and Flowers Product Guide

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