reasons to choose artificial plants for outdoor

Today,outdoor  artificial plants are well designed, shaped, and painted to look very lifelike and are almost indistinguishable from the real plants. These ultra-realistic fake plants are making their way into interior and exterior spaces. If you are looking for durable, low-maintenance plants, then faux leaves and flowers are the best choices.

Benefits & Advantages of Artificial Plants

  • No seasonal changes – faux plants will not change their appearance by seasonally shedding flowers and leaves which add the appeal of your outdoor or interior decor all year round.
  • Less cost for maintenance – It’s true that fake plants require less attention and care when compared to real plants, which save your time and money.
  • More durable – Artificial lifelike plants are made from advanced PE, which has high durability. And the UV inhibitors help to minimize fading, ensuring permanent lush green for exterior application.
  • More realistic appearance – Today’s exquisite craftsmanship makes artificial plants look very lifelike and almost indistinguishable from the real plants.
  • Don’t need natural factors – These man-made wonders don’t need water, air, and sunlight, so you don’t have to think about their survival when you are away on holiday.
  • Not limited to one place – Artificial potted plant can be moved and placed wherever you like, which allows you to spruce up your design and give your garden or room a new look.

ultra-realistic artificial plants

Best Faux Plants in 2020

There is a large collection of artificial DIY plants range from different varieties and different sizes, satisfying the design you want. Here are 3 most popular ones for your reference.

  1. Faux boxwood topiary

Let your front-door committee greet your guests with a welcoming invitation of delicate artificial topiary trees. This low-maintenance option doesn’t even require trimming.

artificial boxwood topiary balls

  1. Artificial hanging basket

Artificial Hanging plants have the benefit of saving floor space, but they can be a real pain to water. Try these alternative artificial hanging baskets that will add life to a room without being needy.

artificial hanging basket category thumbnail


  1. Artificial potted plants

More realistic and full of vigor, the outdoor artificial plants in a pot look like that they are still growing. They can be placed anywhere, even in a dark and humid place, their beauty will not be affected.

artificial potted plants

Guide to Buying Fake Plants

  1. What to pursue when buying artificial greenery?

There’s no doubt that quality is the most important thing because it decides the appearance, durability, and safety of artificial plants. You should steer clear of fake plants that strike you as particularly gimmicky, and focus instead on thoughtful details that feel organic.

  1. Tips for selecting premium artificial greenery plants

  • Appearance: Observe whether the leaves have clear outlines and realistic stems and veins and whether the color is natural
  • Smell: Poor-quality fake plants are made of some recycled materials, may have a pungent smell.
  • Touch: Premiumartificial plants have a smooth and soft touch with flexible branches while the poor quality ones have a rough touch.
  1. Where to shop for fake plants?

Find a beautiful artificial plant collection in Sunwing, which is committed to R&D, design & manufacture of faux plants. Complete category including artificial vertical garden, artificial hanging plants, artificial wreaths, and so on. You will get any styles of artificial plants you want here. They are of superior quality since the supervision and inspection starts from sampling. Moreover, our inexhaustible innovation guarantees a constant update of the products. Sunwing as a leading artificial plant supplier, you can trust and choose to make a business with us.

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