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Sunwing Exports the Most Artificial Plants from China

Sourcing for procurement of industry-leading hot sellers or different faux plants? Sunwing artificial plants is here to provide one-stop artificial plant product ideas that benefit your business. Check out the guide below cover:

Sunwing is committed to offering custom manufacturing solutions and making the artificial plant industry more profitable for overseas brands and businesses. Minimum order required, welcome to get a quote thru

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Check the following artificial plant’s wholesale guide from Sunwing artificial plants manufacturer:

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Best Artificial Plants 2022

Artificial Plants for Walls Projects By Sunwing Clients

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Discover Fullest Artificial Plants from China

Check our factory-direct artificial plants product lines:

Artificial Hedges | Artificial Green Walls | Artificial Plants in PotsArtificial Grass

Main artificial plants from China from:

  1. Artificial plants and flowers
  2. Artificial plants and trees
  3. Artificial fence and hedging
  4. Artificial wall plants
  5. Preserved plants
  6. Christmas Decor
  7. Hanging artificial plants

Sunwing Industries Limited also provides quality custom artificial plant manufacturing services for brands, retailers or wholesalers for business or projects.

Fire Safe and UV protection in Artificial Plants

UV Protected Faux Plants

Sunwing UV protected faux plants
Sunwing UV protected Faux Plants

Fire Rated Artificial Plants

fire rated faux plants
Fire Rated Faux Plants

Artificial Hedges & Plants Testing Reports

No Heavy Metal Faux Plants Certificate
No Heavy Metal Faux Plants Certificate
UV protection faux hedges REPORT
UV Protection Faux Hedges Report
FIRE PROOF artificial hedges certificate
Fire retardant Artificial Plants Certificate

Installation Assistance

Artificial Hedge Installation Guide
Artificial Hedge Installation Guide
Artificial Plant Wall Installation
Artificial Plant Wall Installation Guide
Moss Wall Installation Guide
Moss Wall Installation Guide

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