Top 5 Recommended Fake Plants for Safety Indoors & Outdoors

Regardless of the environment, safety often takes the first place, especially in public or commercial spaces. Considering this aspect, continuous innovation of fake plants is underway in order for safety precaution. In fact, Sunwing artificial plants involved indoors or outdoors cater to customized large projects or landscaping. Of course, some people can’t help but question whether faux green can serve as a medium for safety protection. And meanwhile, they’d like to know how it achieves the desired effect.

Sunwing Indoor Safe Fake Plants Wall

Sunwing Indoor Safe Fake Plants Wall

When it comes to the safe interior plantscape, designers and architects prefer to recommend fire-proof artificial living walls. Strictly speaking, though the fire performance is good, so far the industry giants have not developed a real fireproof artificial plant wall. Instead, flame-retardant materials come into use, which not only make up for the shortcomings of existing technology but also achieves practical results. Suppose that when there is a fire in space, it will quickly swallow fiber-like things. However, once climbing on the artificial vertical garden, the fire will not spread, which is undoubtedly a major breakthrough initially.

Inherently fire retardant (IFR)

In order to meet internal fire protection requirements, Sunwing fake plants consist of IFR materials, passing the ISO13823 fire test. At the same time, to ensure interior fire safety, it’s better to have a standard B-grade flame retardant effect. In addition, artificial plants wall panels comply with the NFPA 701 fire test, which can be stable in commercial buildings. Taking into account the serious consequences of fire, specialists usually recommend choosing a fire protection index above B grade. It’s obvious and without a doubt that the higher the grade, the stronger the flame retardancy.

Outdoor UV Treated Artificial Ivy Roll

Outdoor Faux Privacy Leaves Fence

Exposure of real plants outdoors often leads to a problem, that is, strong sunlight accelerates withering. In light of this problem, cost-effective fake plants with UV protection may be a great alternative. However, it analyses that about one-third of faux plants have no anti-ultraviolet function, so they’re likely to fade within a month. Another one-third is UV sprayed plants, which can only last for half a year to one year at most. The rest thanks to sophisticated technology and strict manufacturing control, are truly UV resistant with powders insertion into the foliage. On most occasions, the warranty is more than 2 years, when the artificial leaves fence will neither fade nor decay.

Sunwing UV Artificial Plants – 3,000 hours intense sunlight experiment

With respect to high-quality products with realistic colors and textures, Sunwing ivy roll is suitable for commercial & residential outdoors. Actually, the element of anti-UV treated materials and chemicals in the manufacturing process results in the inherent UV resistant foliage. Therefore, it does not need to spray anymore, which is likely to cause dirt to adhering less authentic faux greenery.

Based on the support of production technology, the carry-out experiment of independent official laboratories has proved that Sunwing UV resistant plants are able to withstand strong sunlight for at least 2,000 hours, which is higher than the average.

Synthetic Fire Safe Artificial Grass / Turf

Synthetic Fire Safe Artificial Grass : Turf

What is often inevitable to ignore indoor and outdoor safety is flooring safety, especially fire caused by carelessness. Therefore, it is of wisdom to ensure minimizing the possibilities of fire beginning and spreading. If you consider installing artificial grass, you’d better choose turf that does not contribute to a potential flame. Besides, it’s important not to spread on the grass. Rest assured that the majority of Sunwing artificial grass garden is completely fire-resistant, guarantees interior/ exterior flooring landscaping for safety.

Until now, indoor flooring safety ought to meet the European standard, that is UNE EN 13501-1. The standard is specifically for indoor floors, which are much more likely to catch fire than in outdoor environments.

The standard is especially for interior floors because they are much more likely to catch fire than in outdoor environments.

Although choosing fire-protected fake plants, it’s better to keep a meter away from flame, extending the life of faux grass.

Non-exotic Artificial Plants Inpot for Pets

Non-exotic Fake Plants for Pets

Despite the fact that it’s easier sometimes to buy living plants online, these are likely to become dead. For another thing, some natural plants can even lead to health issues for your animal friends. In addition to a little irritation, some poisonous plants can lead to renal failure. And even worse, they possibly take the life of your pet’s friends. Under these circumstances, why not replace potential toxic threats with safe fake plants for your pets and children?

For plant lovers, but also pet owners, have to abandon house plants that are harmful to their pets. Sunwing artificial green plants can absolutely solve problems, owing to non-odor and non-heavy metal. What’s more, whether your pets are keen on chewing and eating leaves, there is no risk of making them sick.

Realistic Large Artificial Trees

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