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I estimate your info about your factory. I can see is nice. Thanks for all I watched you’re attached, I would like to get from you a FOB quote of your main products.”

We’re happy to receive feedback from overseas customers when they choose to import Sunwing Industries Limited. But for the first order, you should know this import guide to Sunwing artificial hedge.

Hottest Artificial Boxwood Hedge

The fact is artificial boxwood hedge panel A001 ranks top1 in Sunwing artificial hedge annual export volume. 70-80 percent of our customers prefer to repeat faux boxwood A001 container orders every year.

Sunwing artificial hedge imported countreis

Top 9 Countries Imported Sunwing Artificial Hedges ( Data From Jan to June 2021)

Specialized in artificial boxwood panels and movable box hedging since 2003, Sunwing has gained enough manufacturing and export experience to supply retail or wholesale business, indoor or outdoor landscape, or construction.

  • Eco-friendly and premium material
  • Realistic and aesthetic look
  • Dense leaf coverage
  • Lightweight but weather-resistant
  • UV-protected wallpaper for indoor & outdoor
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Cost-effective landscaping solution
  • Easy-to-snap system

Boxwood hedges with planters

green maze artificial hedging in planters

  • Outdoor UV-resistant artificial foliage
  • Bespoke inherently fire-retardant boxwood leaves
  • Commercial-grade fiberglass planter built to last

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Each artificial boxwood is made with quality, commercial-grade, UV-rated materials to give you a hardy, hyper-realistic boxwood hedge. And not only do our faux hedges create privacy in any space, but they will last for years to come.

Brand-New Sunwing Artificial Hedges Collections 2022

With the increasing demand for interior and exterior decoration, various new artificial hedge mats emerge endlessly. Sunwing always keeps its forwarding insight to lead the faux hedges trends and meet the changing market needs.

New Collection Sunwing Artificial Hedge Catalog

New Collection Sunwing Artificial Hedge Catalog

Material: 100% fresh new PE
Regular size: 50cmx50cm
Warranty: Indoor 5 years; Outdoor 3 years
UV stable: Yes
Package: 53cmx53cmx34cm; 12pcs/ carton
MOQ: 200pcs

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Not only is Sunwing bulk artificial hedge progressed with industry-leading technology, but also embedded in creative design ideas. Sunwing artificial hedges factory possesses much power in providing customized products as well as design drafts, regardless of the sector you are engaged in.

>>Target customers: Importer, Distributor, Purchaser, Wholesaler, Retailer, Design Company, Project Contractors/ Installers, Local Vendors, New Business Start-ups

>>Sales channel: Distribution, Wholesale, Direct Sales, Retail Stores, Independent Stores, Specialty Stores, Chain Stores, Online Resell

Sunwing Artificial Hedge Quality Control 

As an artificial plant supplier with more than 18 years of production and export experience, we firmly believe that the quality control of products has been one of the cores of the long-term development of an enterprise. Therefore, Sunwing builds a set of standardized inspection processes in the workflow.

  • Raw material quality control: The raw material we bought has strict requirements in strength. Our factory will test it to make sure the raw material is OK to produce.
  • Input process quality control: We keep all machines and molds working well under routine inspection during the whole manufacturing process.
  • Final quality control: We make sure the finished Sunwing artificial hedge and their packages meet the shipping requirements.
  • Outgoing and shipment quality control: Before container loading, we undergo unpacking sampling inspection, count the number of boxes, and take downloading records.

The acceptance audit shall be conducted with reference to relatively defined check items. If slight defects are detected, we shall process relevant solutions to get acceptance. Or, if the audited products fail the committed rationale of bulk products acceptance standard, we must reproduce.

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How To Tell The Quality of The Faux Hedge Panels


Sunwing artificial hedge packaging and delivery service

Sunwing Artificial Hedge Fence Packaging

Quality is not limited to Sunwing artificial hedge products, and it extends to packaging. The regular size of each fake hedge panel is 50cmx50cm interlocked with four small pieces.

Artificial hedge packing requirement

  • Common packing:12 pcs/carton
  • Cable tie: 2 bags for free
  • Color:green; 10pcs/bag
  • Label provided
  • Installation instructions provided
  • The sealing requirement ensures that the box is not easy to collapse

Sunwing artificial hedge packaging bags

  • Opp bag: thickness: 5 silk
  • PVC hand package, clean and neat
  • PVC bags: thickness: 7 silk

Sunwing artificial hedge carton detail

  • Five-layer AB corrugated box
  • Drop test: shock: drop the individual package
  • Vibration: fixed displacement without top load

We promise that cartons keep in good condition from the original packing, warehouse stocking to the final commodity landing.

Customized carton designs

  • Common shipping mark: Regardless of the shipping mark is printed on a carton or a sticker, the font size is appropriate, and there is no ghosting.
  • Different designs of carton boxes with different size
  • Special label for your order
  • Design with customer’s logo

Overall, we help remain your ordered goods intact and protect boxes from collapsing during shipment and delivery.

Sunwing Artificial Hedge Container Loading

A container load is a shipment that fills a container in bulk or with the maximum weight. In essence, it is the volume of shipments that can be transported using a standardized shipping container.

Container Size: Maximum Capacity:
20ft 28cbm
40ft 58cbm
40HC 65cm
40HQ 68cbm

Sunwing artificial hedge panel container loading calculation

When importing Sunwing artificial hedge from China, you should first tell us how many pieces you need and then we shall calculate the container load.

Take artificial boxwood hedge panel A001 as an example; we could load around 966 square meters in a 20ft container and about 2358 square meters in a 40HQ container. For different items mixed in one container, it may be less a little bit. Both full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) are accepted.

Check out the ultimate guide to Sunwing artificial hedges.

The Ultimate Guide to Sunwing Artificial Hedges

Sunwing Artificial Hedge Lead Time

Many customers show great concern about this issue, so do we. It’s a deep understanding that merely producing high-quality products does not necessarily impress customers (let them place orders) due to the lead time. Before each order or production, we will also confirm the final delivery date.

Normally, it takes about 15-30 days to ship Sunwing artificial hedge from our warehouse to the designated port. While during the peak time, it will be over 45 days and more.

  • Warehousing inventory and immediate delivery supported
  • Equipped with 60 sets of machines and a short production cycle
  • Strong manufacturing and supply capacity, 1x40HQ/ day
  • Urgent orders first
  • High on-time delivery rate

Sunwing Artificial Hedge After-Sales Service

Sunwing pays attention to the long-term connection with customers including feedback after receiving goods. Once damage happens, our after-sales team will take measures as soon as possible. This is one of the reasons why Sunwing has a good reputation for being an audit artificial plants supplier at home and abroad.

Upon receiving complaints, we collect information, do investigations and find reasons, and provide solutions. For instance: Unfortunately, our sales Granta received photos of two pieces of damaged hedges in the planter. What should she do?

Step1: Check with the shipping agent and production department to ensure that the goods are in good condition before shipment.
Step2: Communicate with the shipping department to confirm which process caused the damage to the goods.
Step3: Found that the goods are damaged and deformed due to improper packaging and extrusion, we take full responsibility.
Step4: Full amount was returned to the customer’s side.
Step5: A package improvement plan is proposed for future orders.

Granta received good feedback and regained the customer’s next order.

Best-Price Sunwing Artificial Hedge

Each customer has different requirements regarding purchasing artificial hedges panels from Sunwing. Some give priority to quality while some focus on pricing. We cannot guarantee the price of Sunwing artificial hedge is the lowest in the market, but we make sure it’s very competitive with guaranteed quality.

#1. Make a detailed quotation based on customer background investigation and inquiry information. One way is to offer according to the precise quantity; another is to give a step-by-step quotation without an accurate amount.
#2. Samples accepted.
#3. Under the premise of insisting on quality, various hedge products can be available for different price positioning.
#4. Factory can adjust products to meet customer needs.
#5. Constant new Sunwing artificial hedge styles allow customers to have diverse options to compete with competitors.
#6. Discounts are only accessible to large orders.

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Best-selling Artificial Hedges Panels from China

Import Sunwing Artificial Hedging and Fence!

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