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artificial flowers for interior design

Silk or Plastic Flowers - Liflike Artificial Flowers Wholesale

Sunwing artificial plants, the artificial flower arrangements wholesale supplier in China, can supply both silk flowers and PE flowers with a lifelike appearance for your indoor & outdoor demands. For cost control, we will recommend exclusive styles and varieties of artificial flowers wholesale for your markets.

Our regular single stylish fake flowers like artificial hydrangea, orchid, rose, or peony flowers in bulk should meet the product’s minimum order of 200 boxes|10pcs/box. For orders of different flowers, please submit your requests; our sales will help you with catalog checking and product selection soon.

preserved plants wreaths for weddings

Wedding Natural Preserved Plants

At present, Sunwing mainly supplies three types of preserved plants wreaths to meet the use of different occasions. You can choose the appropriate style according to your needs:

  • The Boxwood Wreath with Ribbons
  • The Rectangular Wreath Set
  • The Boxwood Christmas Wreath with Cones Shape

Searching for more preserved wreaths varieties? Submit your sourcing requests to us. We will assist you with procurement and quote soon!


Artificial Swags & Wreaths & Garlands for Event Management

For events like wedding and holiday decorations, artificial flower swags, garlands, and wreaths are necessary for creating a beautiful scene.

Discover Latest Holiday/Christmas Artificial Wreaths, Garlands & Swags Below!
Sunwing provides three categories of holiday Christmas decor, as shown above for decorations of the door, stairways or windows, etc., in holiday seasons. Get artificial wreaths wholesale catalog thru

artificial topiary balls supplier

Artificial Topiary Balls wholesale

Sourcing outdoor-rated artificial hanging plants for decor? Come to Sunwing as their artificial topiary balls plants are manufactured commercial-rated with UV protection & Fire-rated for better indoor and outdoor design fit. You can also apply Sunwing artificial topiary balls with flowers and greenery styles for decorating many occasions, such as retail stores, local supermarkets, or restaurants.

  • Regular Diameters: 18,28,38,48cm
  • MOQ: 50 pieces

For a full catalog and quote, please reach out to

landscape artificial hanging plants in basket

Artificial Hanging Baskets - Best Artificial Plants and Flowers Wholesale

Sunwing has an extensive range of artificial hanging baskets in a wide variety of types, sizes, styles & colors to liven up indoor and outdoor landscapes.

  • Customizable Design & Accessories
  • MOQ: 50 pieces

Looking for something eye-catching, colorful, or charming & stunning? Well, our artificial floral hanging baskets will be the choice of product. For more details or a price list, contact us thru

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