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Are you sourcing an authentic artificial plants supplier, whether for wholesale and retail business or interior and landscape projects? Even if newcomers, you’re in the right place as Sunwing is one of the leading artificial plant manufacturers with the pursuit of innovation, quality, and service. Let’s discover more from now on.

>>Sunwing — Artificial Fence & Hedging Factory
>>Sunwing — Artificial Wall Plants Manufacturer
>>Sunwing — Artificial Plants & Flowers Supplier
>>Sunwing — Artificial Plants & Trees Manufacture Wholesaler
>>Sunwing — Top Trendy Artificial Greens Exporter
>>Sunwing Qualified and One-Stop Artificial Plants Supplier is Your Best Choice

Sunwing — Artificial Fence & Hedging Factory

Artificial fence and hedging are a great way to brighten indoor/ outdoor areas as well as cover up fences and create privacy feature walls. Sunwing artificial plants supplier only manufactures premium hedging products with up-to-date technology. If you are doing business engaged in home improvements, garden landscaping, fence and hedge are products of choice to boost the local needs.

#1. Artificial Boxwood & Hedges Panels | Minimum Order 200 Sqm

Artificial hedges and their different types are popular worldwide as they’re multi-functional in residential and commercial uses.

  • Multiple Sizes Available
  • SGS Certified and ROHS Compliant
  • 3-5 Years Warranty
  • Bespoke Flame Retardant

#2. Artificial Ivy Fence | Minimum Order 400 Pcs

Sunwing artificial ivy fence comes in two forms — artificial ivy trellis and artificial ivy roll. The ivy trellis can be stretched horizontally or longitudinally; once stretched, there will appear gaps to form a large grid. The ivy fence roll is much tighter without the ability to be expandable.

  • Outdoor Privacy Protection
  • 100% High-quality Plastic and Silk Materials
  • As Easy as A Cakewalk in Installation
  • Cost-effective with minimal maintenance and no upkeep costs

#3. Artificial Grass Fence | Minimum order 300 Rolls

Fake grass fence screens are ideal for various applications indoors and outdoors due to UV-resistant and flame retardant functions. Sunwing designs and manufactures these grass walls to be strong, durable, practical, and lifelike.

  • 100% Level B Fire Retardant in Accordance with ISO13823 Fire Tests
  • Highly Customizable in Measurements
  • A Cheap Choice for Offering Shade and Fence Privacy
  • Ultra-realistic with PVC Material

#4. Artificial Hedging Planter | Minimum order 10-20 Pcs

Hedges in planters are privacy screens and space dividers with handcrafted design and natural-looking leaves. They have become ideal alternatives for improving commercial spaces as well as in some special events.

  • Diverse Leaves Options
  • Customized Styles
  • Withstand Strong Wind and Harsh Weather Environments
  • Less Maintenance

Sunwing — Artificial Wall Plants Manufacturer

Provided you take responsibility for projects relevant to interior walls or building facades, we recommend using artificial wall plants. Artificial green wall plants are quirky and unique pieces of decor that breathe life into a vast array of spaces. As a professional artificial plants supplier, Sunwing designs and produces all their own artificial plant wall materials. Hence, customization is all available according to the needs and tastes of your target market.

#1. Framed Green Wall | Minimum order 200 Pcs

Wall art 3D artificial plants frames become frequently applied artwork substitutes for plain photo frames. The frame plants vary from foliage to branches and even moss to meet the demands of different indoor and outdoor designs and decorations.

  • Unique Design
  • High Quality in Plants and Frames
  • 100% Handcrafted
  • Great as for Interiors

#2. Artificial Plants Wall | Minimum order 100 Sqm

An artificial plant wall turns out to be the combination of hedges panels with several branches or merely multiple branches. Looking for high-quality artificial plant walls for your market and boost your business? Discover Sunwing greenery wall panels that are UV-resistant, weather-resistant, and can be used indoors or outdoors.

  • Anti-UV Performance
  • Customized Designs & Manufacture
  • Suitable for All Purposes
  • REACH & ROHS Tested

#3. Artificial & Preserved Moss | Minimum order 50 Kg

Sunwing is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of reindeer moss, preserved moss, and moss wall products supplying premium interior design collections. We reserve the natural appearance of wild mosses through dehydration and reproduction and turn them into a residential and commercial landscape.

  • Handpicked from Deep Mountains
  • Available in Different Colors
  • Dust-free and Water-resistant
  • Creative or DIY Designed Moss in Frames

#4. Artificial Hanging Plants | Minimum order 300 Pcs

Take the organic beauty of your home to a new level with lifelike artificial hanging plants. Simulated hanging baskets are very suitable for maximizing the vertical space in homes or offices. It is an excellent way to integrate realistic colors into the line of sight height.

  • Numerous Options and Varieties of Trailing Plants
  • No Hassle of Maintenance
  • Vertically Aesthetic Results
  • Fade resistant

Sunwing — Artificial Plants & Flowers Supplier

Flowers possess unstoppable charm, but they are expensive and easy to suffer damage during shipping. In contrast, artificial flowers bring the same benefits without having to die. Sunwing supplies the most extensive and latest artificial flower decoration pieces on the markets. Whether you are pursuing common varieties or custom plants and flowers for the business, Sunwing is here to help.

#1. Artificial Wreaths and Garlands | Minimum order 100-300 Pcs

Made of silk materials, artificial wreaths and garlands are lifelike with textures and soft touch. As long as not exposed to sunlight and rain for a long time, artificial wreaths garlands swags can keep fresh year after year.

  • Diverse Styles for Different Themes, Events, and Holidays
  • Long Lifespan
  • Handmade by Specialized Workers
  • Bespoke Sizes to Be Large

#2. Artificial Flowers | | Minimum order 200 Boxes

Artificial flowers are a great way to enhance the aesthetics of the place. At Sunwing, you can source a large selection of flowers such as artificial hydrangea flowers, silk rose flowers, peony artificial flowers, artificial orchids, and artificial wedding flowers.

  • Latest Range
  • Authentic Real Touch
  • Indoor/ Outdoor Rated
  • Expected Warranty

#3. Artificial Hanging Baskets | Minimum order 50 Pcs

Maybe you’re pursuing something eye-catching, colorful or charming & stunning; why not artificial hanging baskets? To create a more beautiful and relaxing environment, hanging baskets with flowers have become common yet modern decor pieces on gardens, theme parks, exotic pathways, etc.

  • Carefree & No Maintenance
  • UV Poof
  • Healthy & Eco-friendly
  • Durable Accessories

#4. Artificial Hanging Balls | Minimum order 50 Pcs

Add some accents to gardens and commercial workplaces using artificial topiary balls with some flowers. Sunwing is a leading artificial plants supplier of indoor/ outdoor topiary boxwood balls and hanging balls in China, supplying a wide range of topiary plant species.

  • Custom Shapes, Sizes, Hanging Chains, and LED Lights
  • Long-Lasting and Durable
  • 100% UV Resistant
  • Cutting-edge technologies

Sunwing — Artificial Plants & Trees Manufacture Wholesaler

With continuous research and development, Sunwing has now progressed into a mature artificial plants and trees supplier. Inspired by nature, the artificial trees assembled by horticulturists come in accurate textures and colors. Whether for a single space, property improvement, fake plant trees won’t ever disappoint you.

#1. Artificial Trees | Minimum order 50 Pcs

For indoor or outdoor, home decoration or scenic design, you can find suitable artificial trees or bonsai, such as palm trees, cherry trees, olive trees, coconut trees, etc. Also, these quality trees are the trend to let your wholesale or retail business blossom.

  • Optional UV Treated
  • 100% Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Updated Designs and Styles
  • Indoor Safe

#2. Artificial Potted Plants | Minimum order 500 Pcs

Without the need for a green thumb, artificial potted plants don’t fall off the leaves and hard to fade, especially indoors. The exact texture and soft touch will tell you the first-class craftsmanship. Sunwing designers continue to output new products – from mini pots to large potted artificial plants.

  • 100% Originally Designed
  • Fresh New PE and Silk
  • Fire Safe Indoors
  • Long Life Expectancy

#3. Artificial Topiary | Minimum order 50 Pcs

In addition to artificial topiary balls, Sunwing artificial topiary trees especially artificial boxwood topiary trees are so favorable that they have been exported to 50+ countries. Artificial topiary trees can be an extra addition to your interior or exterior design.

  • Handmade from A Range of Premium Materials
  • Most Trees in A Mixture of Foliage Options
  • Fully Customizable and Easy to Maintain
  • 100% UV Resistant

#4. Artificial Leaves | Minimum order 800 Pcs

Sunwing has been increasing the variety of artificial leaves and stems, including exotic and tropical leaves (such as Dracena, Fatsia and fleshy artificial orchids), leaves and branches from native trees (such as oak, birch, beech and laurel).

  • Eco-friendly Plastic and Silk
  • Natural color
  • Hassle Free
  • Ever-lasting

Sunwing — Top Trendy Artificial Greens Exporter

At the end of each year, Sunwing artificial plants manufacturer will collate the export data of that year and make sufficient preparations for the coming year according to the preferences and demands of the mass market. According to the data in 2020, the following are currently some of the most trendy representative products in the artificial plant industry.

trendy artificial plants stock from Sunwing

Top1. Pampas Grass | Minimum order 500 Pcs

Top2. Preserved Reindeer Moss | Minimum order 50 Kg

Top3. Artificial Green Wall | Minimum order 100 Sqm

Top4. Fake Trees | Minimum order 50 Pcs

Top5. Artificial Boxwood Hedges | Minimum order 200 Sqm

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Sunwing Qualified and One-Stop Artificial Plants Supplier is Your Best Choice

Until now, Sunwing has developed into a comprehensive artificial plants supplier for over 15 years, manufacturing all kinds of artificial greenery indoors and outdoors.

#1. Why Sunwing factory? — top 10 reasons

  • 18 Years’ Experience
  • ISO9001 Manufacturer
  • OEM/ ODM
  • Strict Quality Control
  • Stable Quality
  • Fireproof Optional
  • Professional Design Team
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Large Project Capability
  • 24/7 Service

#2. What can we help you? — one-stop products & service

Exclusive Customer Recommendations in Different Areas and Industries involved in Bespoke Design & Artificial Plant Ranges

Targeted clients: Distributor, Importer, Wholesaler, Project Designer, Fence Contractor, Garden Items Supplier, Event Rental Owner, etc. Besides, here are some actionable tips for newcomers in the artificial plant industry.

For more questions, please contact our online support team; we’re also glad to receive your email for further exchanges.

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