7 facts you need to know about sunwing artificial trees in pots

Do you have full knowledge about artificial trees in pots before importing artificial plants from China? This blog will take you through how artificial plants and trees are made, pricing elements of artificial plants pots & How to tell the quality of artificial trees? Etc.

What are Sunwing Artificial Trees in Pots Made of?

We all know that fake potted plants usually have three parts: the leaves, the rods, and the pot. Different parts of the plant have various materials.

  • Leaves: Plastic cloth, silk, and PE material.
  • Rod: Plastic poles, natural rod, fiberglass, etc.
  • Pots: PE, cement, ceramic, metal, and other materials.

Artificial plants supplier can mix as your requirements, for example:

In Sunwing Industries Ltd. supports customization for your business and commercial projects!

Different Types of Medium-sized Artificial Trees in Pots

There are three types of medium-sized potted plants on the artificial plants market: foliage tree in Pot, plastic rod artificial trees, and natural wood fake trees.

  • Foliage Tree in Pot

fake foliage trees

All artificial foliage trees are fake trees with duplicate foliage. The most representative foliage trees in the Pot are:

The common feature is that they do not have sturdy poles!

  • Plastic rod artificial trees

plastic rod tree

All plastic rod trees are trees with a plastic rod. Representative plastic rod artificial plants are:

natural rood treesAll-natural wood rod trees are trees with natural wood. Representative plastic rod artificial plants are:

One of the most concerning aspects of importing artificial plants in China is the price, so what are the main factors that affect the price?

What Are The Key Factors Affecting the Artificial Trees Price?

  • For Artificial plant with silk leaf type

The main influences on the price of fake silk plants are the number of blades, height, production process, and faux plants.

  • For Plastic artificial plants(PE rod)

PE material made plants price affecting factors: height, shape, number of branches, and manufacturing details.

The height, leaf density, branches directly affect the amount of material used, the product process and details determine the quality of the product, different suppliers will vary.

Artificial Trees with Different Rod Materials

three types of artificial plants

There are three main types of fake pole tree material: plastic or natural wood poles and fiberglass only for large trees.

  • Plastic Rod Artificial trees in pots

  1. High price, most widely used.
  2. The use of plastic rods can not exceed 1.5m, too high easy to change shape and break.
  3. Floor faux plants lifelike depends on the artificial plants manufacturing process.

  • Natural Wood Rod Fake plants

  1. Conventional use of yellow cow wood, hard texture, resistant corrosion, relatively inexpensive.
  2. Can’t achieve the same product in mass production.
  3. Must be fumigated to prevent insect infestation.

So if you want to import real wood rod faux plants, please pay attention to the local import policy.

  • Fiberglass Rod Artificial Trees (For Large Trees Only)

Fiberglass with steel is an expensive material typically reserved for large artificial trees or trees taller than 2.5 meters. But if you want to use it in medium size artificial plants, you can do customization. Watch your wallet!

If you are interested in large artificial trees, view this article to learn more: large artificial trees import guide!

So, how to tell the quality of fake trees by appearance? Here are 5 tips to tell the quality of the artificial tree before importing from China!

5 Tips to Tell The Quality of Artificial Plants in Pots

artificial plants leaves

sunwing artificial plants leaves comparison

artificial plants leaves connection sunwing vs others

  • Tell by Leaves Appearance

Beautiful artificial plants are uniformly colored and free of stray color. The color difference between the front and back of the leaves significantly impacts the artificial potted plants. Don’t underestimate a single leaf.

  • Tell by the Connection between the Stem and Leaves

Integrated-looking artificial trees are more realistic and appealing to customers. Therefore, you need to focus on the firm connection of blades and branches, which is critical in forming a complete looking of a real tree.

  • Tell by Rod Appearance

Rod appearance depends on the manufacturing process of the artificial tree supplier; there are two manufacturing processes: splicing craft and integrated injection.

Splicing Craft Vs. Integrated Injection

  • Integrated Injection: Use a complete mold. No need for post-patching and the plants are produced with a full appearance.
  • Splicing Craft: There will be many small holes in the tree’s trunk, which will crack and be unattractive.
  • Tell by international certification
  • For artificial trees factory: ISO certification and Alibaba audit
  • For products: UV Protection, Fire retardant, and heavy metal test certificates.

Check this article to learn more about UV Protection & Fire Resistant FAQs!

A Brief Introduction to Sunwing Artificial Plants

As a one-stop artificial trees supplier, we constantly improve our product craftsmanship to achieve the best quality while providing professional services to solve the confusion.

Why Sunwing Artificial Trees in Pots?

Through comparing two different materials of artificial trees in pots Vs.other suppliers to understand the difference in the Sunwing manufacturing process.

artificial plants leaves sunwing vs others

artificial travel palm leaves

artificial plants stems vs others

artificial plants stems comparison

Sunwing artificial plants have the following features:

  • Uniform leaf color & two pieces of silk screen cloth
  • Leaf veins are visible & Stems and leave ideally linked
  • Stems firm & No small holes
  • Evenly colored roots with no trace of stitching

Leaves and roots manufactured by other suppliers are non-uniformly colored and can be dislodged on the front and back. In addition, faux plants stem has tiny holes which will lead to crack!

artificial snake plants sunwing vs others

artificial snake plants comparison

Artificial snake plants are among the best-selling fake plants in Sunwing Industries Ltd; we have made many efforts to achieve realism.

  • Two colors: yellow & green and bendable leaves
  • The veins on the leaves are painted with ink
  • It can’t be made of fireproof material as ink is oily & UV available

Dull veins and easy fading are common problems with fake snake plants on the market.

If you are a newcomer to artificial plants, view this article: tips for newcomers in artificial plants.

6 Reasons to Choose Sunwing artificial plants manufacturer China

large artificial trees wholesaleAs one of the great artificial plants wholesale suppliers in China, we can provide insight into industry trends and offer specialist advice.

  1. Self-owned factory with 200+ machines and hundreds of molds; Capability of mass production.
  2. International inspections include UV & fire protection, heavy metal inspections certificates, etc.
  3. A team of professionals and designers to meet all your commercial requirements.
  4. The unique Sunwing four systems: strict quality control from the raw material source.
  5. Support customization; ODM &OEM available.
  6. Five-year indoor and three-year outdoors warranty.

Sunwing Industries Ltd manufactures and exports thousands of outdoor UV stable artificial trees in pots for business or commercial projects; if you want to have an entire artificial plant catalog or import premium fake trees from Sunwing. Welcome to contact us thru sales@plantsartificial.com.





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