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artificial wall gardens wholesale for large wall coverings

Artificial Vertical Garden Wholesale

Sunwing artificial vertical gardens are famous for their high-quality UV protection and fire retardant features for indoor and outdoor decorations. With over 15 years of OEM & ODM service, we have strong capacities to manufacture originally designed artificial plants for walls with the best certified artificial wall decoration indoors and outdoors.

  • UV & Fire Retardant Attractive Feature Wall
  • Regular Size: 100*100cm | MOQ:100sqm

With 100+ designs, Sunwing artificial plants can supply these beautiful artificial greenery walls or fake plants walls to serve tastes and likes for your local markets.

Artificial Green Wall Disc

Artificial Green Wall Discs & Frames

Sunwing framed artificial plant wall decor is suitable for multiple green wall designs. The diversified artificial plants, moss, rocks, and wood branches, etc., are mixed to meet the demands of different indoor and outdoor wall surface designs and decorations.

  • Frame Wall Plants: As Required
  • MOQ: 200 pieces

There are three categories of art framed green walls like moss frame, rectangular framed plant wall, and circular green wall disks for various business choices in different regions. Get Catalog & Quote Today!

simulated hanging fern for bar wall decor

Artificial Hanging Ivy for Ceilings

Made with quality UV engineered, ultra-realistic artificial hanging creepers can be great fake plant wall decor materials for wall hanging or ceiling hanging designs. The lush hanging ivy branches or sprays will liven up spaces indoors or outdoors instantly!

Regular Size: 80cm/pc | MOQ:300pcs

If you are doing a wallpaper or wall design business, our artificial hanging plants or artificial ivy wall can be a great addition to your business!

artificial moss or preserved reindeer lichens supplier

Moss Wall Art - Artificial or Preserved Moss for Indoors

Discover premier lifelike artificial moss tiles and natural preserved reindeer moss supply in Sunwing! Because of the European reindeer lichens supply difficulty, procurement from a Chinese Moss Wall supplier can be a perfect alternative!

  • MOQ: 50KG
  • 100pieces/50*50mm/pc

According to customers’ requirements, we provide different moss walls like artificial moss and reindeer moss, which can meet the needs both for indoor and outdoor decoration. For easy decoration, we can offer sheet moss tiles, framed moss, and weighed moss. Check differences among artificial moss, preserved moss, and living moss~

Artificial Wall Plants Trend 2022

artificial wall hedges supplier
Artificial Wall Hedges

Size: 50*50cm/pc | MOQ: 200sqm

artificial boxwood hedging wall supplier
Boxwood Hedging Wall

Size: L100*W25*H100cm/pc | MOQ: 10-20pcs

fake grass wall supplier
Artificial Grass Wall

Size: 100*300cm/pc | MOQ: 300rolls

More Artificial Plants Wholesale

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