Do you require the installation of an artificial greenery wall for the exterior of a parking lot? Do not worry because we got you covered. In this post, we will analyze the steps and elements necessary for the proper installation of an artificial green outdoor wall.

Artificial Green Wall

Artificial green plants come in so many shapes, sizes, colors, and use that it can be challenging to find the right option for your space. Structural work is not required before the installation of an artificial hedge wall or artificial greenery wall outdoor, but keep in mind that if you are unsure of something, it is always better to consult a professional.

The material of your artificial green wall will depend on the type and quality of the product you buy. You can even make some cheaper options using heavy metals. At the best end of the spectrum, our artificial green walls are made of high-quality synthetic materials and tested with UV rays, so they remain beautiful for years to come.

Since we are dealing with a parking lot, we will encounter either of the two types of walls in designing your artificial hedges wall, and we will give the steps to follow in creating the perfect

artificial green wall.

  • Stonewall: use nylon plugs and hammer the panels in place.
  • Concrete: use of nylon nail plugs. If you cannot drill the wall, consider fixing a plywood siding and using wood screws to install your panels.

Artificial Greenery Wall Installation Step by Step

  1. Make sure the plants in the panels are facing up when you hold them against the wall. The plants will open slowly and will look more natural over time.
  2. We recommend painting your wall black to get the best finish! This is not mandatory but will improve your finish for your interior wall garden.
  3. When you start, be sure to start from the upper left or right corner and move on.
  4. Use a bubble level to mark a line to fix points on the top of the wall.
  5. Set your first panel in place using the guide. The fixing holes ca be found at the back of the panel.
  6. Insert the next panel in place and screw the top using its guide to stay level.
  7. Affix the two panels together using the clips on the sides of the panel.
  8. You can repeat this process until the top row is completed. Use three screws at the top of the panel to make sure it is completely flat on the wall.
  9. Once the first row is locked in place and has been fixed to the wall at the top and bottom, move on to the second row.
  10. Use the clips on the edge of the artificial green wall panels to lock the next row in place. If in place, screw the panels to the wall to secure the panels.
  11. Repeat until finished.
  12. Use garden pliers to trim excess panels at the bottom or sides to order your newly installed artificial green wall.

There you go! Now simply enjoy the new beauty of your artificial green wall parking lot and the relaxing environment it will create.

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