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Due to the impact of the epidemic, we made an analysis of “Global Trend for Artificial Plants Market 2022”. On the basis of thorough data and reports, it points out that the faux plants industry is competitive but profitable. In order to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results, Sunwing Industries Limited sincerely invites you to become our dealer. Actually, many businesses in international trade are carried out by agents, including aspects like purchasing, sales, transportation insurance, advertising, etc. On earth, how to and what benefits it can Sunwing dealership bring for you?

You’ll be interested in the following specific dealership of Sunwing Artificial Plants:

Sunwing Artificial Plants General Agency

In common sense, general agency refers to commission agents who do not enjoy exclusive rights. While adopting this agency method, the principal can appoint several agents at the same time in the same market. Based on the agreement stipulates and transaction conditions, within validity, the dealer represents the principal to carry out various business matters in the designated area.

Sunwing regular agent agreement


Lead time: Sunwing promises to give priority to the agent’s delivery compared to wholesalers or retailers.

New products: Referring to the latest products, Sunwing is ready to provide complete information, photos, videos, etc. And meanwhile, only agents have rights of update recommendations for faux plants.

Others: Besides, for specific styles or kinds, Sunwing only takes into account of agents, nor other customers. Or to say, dealers have the right to monopolize certain styles of the products, which won’t be disclosed to our suppliers or distributors.

Something easy to obligate

Brand shipment: Goods package must be compliment with Sunwing’s brand, which is a main distinct of distributors. Otherwise, it’s against the agreement to change the logo of the package without authorization.

Report submission: You have to submit the report of local market of faux plants. And meanwhile, it’s necessary to make an analysis on User Experience every three months.

Sunwing Does Not Accept Traditional Dropshipping! — MOQ Required

Please pay attention: Sunwing only accepts wholesale and resell processes, but minimum order is a MUST. Here are a few STEPS for you to start if you own an Amazon store but lack sufficient goods source.

Step1: Clients – You(Amazon Sellers)Purchase Container of Artificial Plants from Sunwing;

Step2: Sunwing Will Label & Pack According to Your Requirements;

Step3: Logistics Deliver the Goods to Your Designated Amazon Warehouse;

Step4: Sunwing Can Replace with Your Brand Name upon Your Payment’s Arrival;

Step5: You Have the Right to Enjoy Sunwing’s After-sale Service.

On the whole, Sunwing ordinary agent agreements usually have almost few restrictions, without special skills, which is very convenient. If you’re new to this industry or just starting your business, choose this method.

Exclusive Agency of Sunwing Faux Plants

Sole dealership refers to the exclusive agent acting on behalf of the principal to engage in relevant commercial activities in the designated area for certain time. Obviously,the principal shall not appoint another agent within the territory. In view of import and export, foreign agent (importer) has the exclusive right to promote designated commodities in local area.

Sunwing exclusive agent agreement


Aside from the same advantages as general agency, the exclusive can enjoy some other priorities.

Site Tech support: Sunwing is here to provide training in web technology when the dealer is need of help. So don’t hesitate to put forward relevant request.

Marketing: When necessary, it’s time to ask for Advertising to expand your local faux plants market.

Uniqueness: As long as you become the sole agent, Sunwing won’t supply for other clients in the designated region. As a result, it’s the most apparent point that differs from ordinary dealers.

Achieved obligations

Catalog: When it comes to renewing the brochure, whether electronic or paper, you have to print Sunwing’s brand.

One brand: It means once exclusive, you can only act on principal’s – Sunwing’s behalf of hedges, green walls or anything else.

Sales amount: Within the specified time, your sales volume must be up to the standard every year.

Hence you can see that compared with the ordinary agent, the exclusive agent can enjoy more benefits. Of course, the obligations fulfillment are also increasing correspondingly.

Difference Between General & Exclusive Dealership

Here, to make it clear, you can check out the sheet above, any question contact thru:

Sunwing artificial plants basic dealership

Differences are:

  • First, it is only Sunwing’s brand that prints in the exclusive faux plants brochure, but it’s not for general agency.
  • Second, the exclusive agent needs the annual sales volume to reach the standard, while no need for the general.
  • Third, the sole agent can only promote Sunwing’s brand, but the general agent has no restriction.
  • Fourth, it’s necessary to provide website technical support for sole dealers, instead of general ones.
  • Fifth, regarding the promotion of region, Sunwing can carry out advertising and marketing network promotion for the sole area, but it’s dependable for the general agent.
  • Last but not least, a sole agent has the exclusive right to be supplied with fake plants in the area where others have no access. In order to increase the regional advantages, the general agent can only enjoy the right of partial special product styles. For instance, self mold opening or items different from the supplied but similar to the best sellers.

Hope this article will be of some help to you who want to expand the business, welcome to work with Sunwing.





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