The Most Suitable Artificial Plants For The Shopping Mall


Recently, many customers ask for some suggestions about renovation, especially the shopkeepers in some shopping centers. The vast majority of these shopkeepers have the same requirements, beautiful and easy to install at the same time, variety, and convenient to change them instantly. After thinking for a long time, the answer I gave is an artificial topiary ball.

Instant Decorations That Easy to Install and Maintain

Although real plants are more lively, they are not jammy to take care of if clerks have no patience. Also, those guests who come in and out easily damage beautiful plants. Artificial topiary balls are totally different.

All the artificial leaves are engraved in a certain proportion, which restores the original appearance of the plants to the greatest extent. These appearances are lifelike enough to have you fooled. Sunwing artificial plants China chose durable PE material to ensure that our products are not easily damaged. In the mean time, Sunwing artificial plants manufacturer produced UV resistant & Fire protection artificial plants can keep green all year round even without maintenance.

This kind of product is very versatile and cooperates well with both chains and containers. You can hang the ball on the ceiling with the supporting chains, or just put it in a container and place it at the doorway or any corner.

artificial topiary ball

Changeable Styles With Artificial Topiary Balls

Without the limits of areas and climates, you can have more choices when you are doing interior design. No matter what kind of plant leaves, they may appear on the ball of your choice, and we will satisfy your needs in nearly all colors if you want. Sunwing Industries Ltd has a lot of items for different festivals and themes, so shopkeepers can use these artificial balls selectively to cater to the atmosphere. View this article to learn the most suitable artificial plants indoor decor.

Because it’s easy to install and move, you can change the overall style in a short time. So the owner doesn’t have to worry about whether it will cost a lot of manpower. Also, with the use of PE material, these items won’t fade within three to five years and have passed the safety test, you shopkeepers can use it with confidence.There are hot wall plant interior trend if you are interested in importing artificial plants for commercial.

Recommended Items

Because of the variety and faster update speed, you may not know how to choose the right style. Here I want to recommend you two kinds of indoor artificial topiary that can meet your basic requirements.

artificial topiary ball

Artificial boxwood ball is always popular around the world since it appeared, so as artificial boxwood topiary ball. These delicate and compact leaves are brought together, they look inconspicuous but decorate the entire space all the time. You have three normal colors and four sizes to choose from, even small shops can be used to enhance the sense of space through different sizes and heights.

artificial topiary ball

In addition to the classic item for daily use, festive styles are also essential. As one of the most important festivals, Christmas decorations are very necessary for the shopping mall. This artificial hanging ball with Christmas leaves is specially designed for the grand day. Those little red fruits just look like moose’s red nose and attract people a lot.

If you want to use artificial plants for your business or commercial project, welcome check artificial plants for wall projects to get inspired.

These are just the simplest two universal styles, if you want to find more unique styles, welcome to download artificial plants catalog or contact us thru





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