Top 8 Ways about Decorative Artificial Plants

Decorative artificial plants have become a great choice to meet the demand in keeping houses and gardens full of vigor all year round, both indoors and outdoors. No matter how small or large your space or budget, artificial greenery can give the best solution.


What are artificial plants made of?

It takes certain materials to make artificial outdoor plants. Generally, fake plants are made from plastics. However, plastic has pros and cons regarding utility, durability, cost, safety, and performance. Premium products from reliable artificial plant manufacturers are made of 100% new fresh PE, non-toxic and have no bad smell, weatherproof, and eco-friendly that different from the inferior plastic. High-tech molds are made based on live plants. Each stem, leaf, and petal is created individually, with amazing botanical accuracy in shape, color, and texture, which looks like “the real thing.”

Are artificial greenery plants still in style?

Absolutely yes, artificial plants are more and more popular for interior and exterior spaces with unfavorable conditions for real plants to live and grow. Dark corners in your home may have no sunlight, or maybe you are too busy to care for the plants. They need no maintenance are the best choice to dismiss your concern.

Besides, artificial outdoor products have much more applications than real plants. They help easily cover an unsightly wall, build a dense privacy screen with beauty or create a specular plant landscape. This ever-lasting greenery can realize any creation.

interior design with artificial plants

Why people still prefer decorative artificial plants?

-Artificial plants are easy to take care of and have an abundant selection

The beauty of a flower cannot resist its frailty. The artificial flowers market appears because of the demand for decorative flowers. There’s no doubt that this kind of artificial plant arrangement doesn’t take much time to care for. There are richer choices in species than real plants. These artificial plants offer designers much room to exercise their talent in the artificial arrangements.

-Artificial plants become popular because they take the fancy of people for decoration

People are no longer content to live in a monotonous house because of the Improvement of living standards. The colorful plants make customers have more ideas in artificial plants arrangement. With the decoration, the table, the TV cabinet, the wall, and other corners will all change dramatically——becoming interesting and warm.

Have any faux plants for easy design and arrangement?

To help you create your own botanical haven, here is an introduction to three types of artificial plants convenient to design and arrange.
1. Lifelike in shape and bright in color, this is the charm of artificial flowers. They are beautiful but not distracting. You can arrange different varieties and colors to achieve the best decorative effect. It looks harmonious to put artificial flowers on the table or beside the television.

2. Artificial hanging basket is a combination of flowers and leaves. Natural color matching makes it look fresh. If it is hanging on the wall, it will become a beautiful landscape. Besides, placing it on the balcony is also a wonderful choice.

fake hanging plants
3. There are more abundant types of artificial foliage. The small ones can be inserted in a vase or cooperate with artificial flowers and artificial hedges. Long styles like the one in the picture can decorate the boring pillars and walls.

How to decorate with fake plants?

Artificial products add something to a space that other decorations cannot compare with. With fake plants, there are no limitations on where you can place your plants or how you can use them to complement your decor. A wide variety of artificial products meet different designs. The artificial hedge can be used to cover unsightly areas along with creating grand wall art. If you want to keep the plants off the ground, the artificial hanging plants will save your floor space. Artificial plants in pot come in different sizes can be arranged anywhere, energizing an entire area, making a huge impact that’s sure to impress. Obviously, it would be best if you bought high-quality fake plants from reliable faux plant suppliers, ones that are difficult to distinguish from the real thing, for better success.

Can artificial plants be used outdoors?

Not all plants on the market are suitable for the outdoors, and if placed outside, they will discolor and fade, so before purchasing plants to keep outdoors, check their UV stability. UV-resistant artificial outdoor plants are protected against the outdoor elements, ensuring the plants can be permanently lush green. Premium plants manufacturers will provide at least 3 years warranty for artificial outdoor plants, and it allows you the opportunity to display these fresh-looking evergreens in full view of the neighborhood without fearing damage from any external environmental pressure.

outdoor artificial plants

Can fake plants be recycled?

Plastic waste is a problem every one of us should feel responsible for, and as one of the leading artificial products manufacturers, Sunwing is no exception. We care about the impact we have on the environment. We want to ensure that our decorative artificial plants can be recycled not added to landfills or ocean waste. That’s why we use 100% recyclable and sustainable materials, which means you can recycle your green wall if you ever decide to part with it.

Our artificial hedge plants are made from earth-friendly PE, which has no harmful chemicals or toxins, safe for your home, pets, and guests. Whilst you don’t need to worry about recycling your artificial outdoor plants just yet, as it will last for years and years with our high-quality materials and UV-protected range.

Where can I buy artificial greenery?

Find a beautiful artificial plant collection in SUNWING, committed to R&D, design & manufacture of artificial plants. Complete category including artificial vertical garden, artificial hanging plants, artificial wreaths, and so on. You will get any styles of faux plants you want here. Our ultra-realistic artificial outdoor plants provide natural beauty without maintenance. They are of superior quality since the supervision and inspection start from sampling. Moreover, our inexhaustible innovation guarantees a constant update of the products.

If you are looking for artificial plants you want or seeking reliable artificial plant suppliers to start your business, please contact us.





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