trendy artificial trees in pots for home interiors

According to export statics in 2021, artificial trees in pots have become the first choice of faux plants and furniture supplying industry.

Why artificial plants in pots for home interiors?

The following 6 reasons explain the popularity of artificial plants in pots :

  • Realistic appearance with various designs

With advanced technology and exquisite craftsmanship, artificial plants become almost indistinguishable from real plants.

  • No weeds, soil, or sunshine.

One of the advantages of beautifying interiors with artificial trees in pots is that they can be placed anywhere, whether it is sunny or not, they can still look amazing and bring vibrancy to a place where it is dark and humid.

  • Bugs-free.

It is well-acknowledged that plants can invite bugs and the come out of artificial plants is probably the best solution of that you can enjoy the breath-taking greenery without the bothering of bugs

  • Without ongoing maintenance

Unlike real plants relying on Mother Nature, artificial trees release your hands from day-to-day laboring. Therefore, you can say goodbye to endless maintenance and fully enjoy the beautiful view which artificial plants give.

  • Longer-lasting

As they are made of high-quality materials UV-engineered, so they can stay lush and lifelike for many years to come.

  • Toxic-free

Adopting real plants indoor may affect the health of children or pets if they accidentally eat some poisonous or uneatable parts of the plant.

artificial tree for indoor application

How to choose for your artificial pots business?

When considering adopting artificial trees in pots in home decoration, we’d better ask ourselves some questions: Whether the style of plants matches the surrounding furniture? Is the size suitable for home space? Which color is preferred? Here, we list two types of potted plants different in size to give you some recommendations.

  • Large artificial potted plants 

These plants, also named as artificial potted trees, usually stand about 5 or 6 feet tall so they will take up a great deal of space in your home or office. They can be applied in large areas such as the living room or meeting room. Not only do they upgrade your interiors with a natural aesthetic and a bit of greenery, but also improve your productivity by relieving stress.

People like placing tropical plants in their homes because by doing so it will remind them of sunshine and the feeling of warmth. But to keep these plants alive, especially under 20 degrees Celsius, always a headache for many people who don’t time and money to create and maintain that particular environment. Hence, we come out with a product:

faux tropical tree

The artificial areca palm is a lifelike areca palm with 5 feet in height, based in a 6-inch pot. The PE foliage is easy to keep its long-lasting evergreen appearance.

artificial trees in pots

See more details, please refer to the large artificial plant in pots category.

  • Small artificial potted plants  

Different from large artificial trees in pots, potted plants come in smaller sizes. They are often seen positioning on tables or hanging on walls. With different styles and colors, they can be used to enrich your balcony, garden, or some events like weddings, exhibitions, etc.

If you are a flower lover, you can’t miss our artificial potted pansy.

  • 11 inches tall with 11 flowers and 18 leaves
  • made of silk cloth
  • optional colors —–white, purple, and yellow
  • Without ongoing maintenance

artificial potted plants with pansy

Artificial potted pansy

artificial trees in pots


See more details, please refer to the small artificial plant pots category.

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