Using Artificial Hedge Plants to Create Privacy Screen

In addition to mainly adding beauty and art to life, artificial plants also meet more requirements of the majority. For example, in terms of privacy, whether it is for home or business use, it seems that the topic cannot be avoidable. Might as well, let’s discuss how to use artificial hedge as artificial privacy plants to achieve the most basic privacy protection. At the same time, one point that cannot be ignored is to figure out what kind of artificial privacy plants are suitable for what kind of scenes, so as to meet your market demand.

1. Apply Outdoor Artificial Privacy Hedges to Home Fence

UAE artificial green walls landscape design

Customer Cases – Artificial Privacy Hedges

Custom boxwood hedges occupy a large proportion in artificial plants and other industries due to diverse household requirements. Without a doubt, some house owners with courtyards may be a bit “awkward” if they feel prying eyes from the outside. So where there’s a need, there’s a fortune. No matter whether you are an importer of fence elements or outdoor furniture, why not add artificial hedges to existence?

Lush green faux hedges require no watering or pruning, saving time and energy for those who are busy with work. In addition, hedge panels conjoint together firmly that they tend to be sturdy without falling off. In general, top priority to a perfect artificial privacy plant lies in the highest extent of density that can provide. Because not only should it bring realistic greenery to yards, homes, but also ultimately create an ideal fence screen.

Here are some artificial hedge listings for you to choose from.

  • Artificial Boxwood Hedges

According to international recognition, boxwood is the most classic style in artificial hedge plants. As you may know, faux boxwood is the replica of real boxwood in both appearance and functions. For one thing, a layer of boxwood leaves tends to be over 4-layer, which is beyond the average of 3-layer. Therefore, it is up to high density in the visual impact. For another thing, the oblique insertion of leaves to connect with the panel makes it more stable and looks denser. Check more artificial boxwood plants:

China Artificial Boxwood——An Irreplaceable Classic

  • Bushy Foliage Mats

It doesn’t matter to decide which type of hedge leaves to use because a specialized design team can bespoke instantly. Tropical, modern, or country, seasonal stylish foliage panels can cater to different tastes for home fences based on extensive density. Furthermore, single-leaf or mounted leaves mats are able to achieve the basic to high-density coverage between 90% ~ 99%.privacy hedging fence

2. Create Commercial Protected Screen with Artificial Boxwood Planters

Artificial Hedges in Planters

Imagine your own restaurant chains, the instant a sudden hurricane’s coming, it occurs to you that “Jesus, where’s the protective screen!” But better late than never, public and commercial spaces deserve windproof boxwood planters. Freely stand outdoors, planters come in a variety of materials, such as fiberglass, PVC, cast stone, and so on. As a matter of fact, they are anything but fake without time to cultivate and maintain boxwood.

Apart from functions to be weatherproof, these customized box hedging can be as tall as a huge privacy screen. Discover Artificial Hedges in Planters for Wall & Fence Screen

For those commercial settings with patios, artificial boxwood in planters tend to create a comfortable atmosphere as well as privacy protection. What’s more, they can provide cool shelter for leisure in regions where the sun almost shines throughout the year. Owing to anti-UV foliage elements, artificial privacy plants are fade-resistant and keep evergreen for years to come.

For outdoor hedges wall, check this guide to know how to secure hedges planters from strong wind:

How to secure high artificial boxwood planters from strong wind?

3. Create Privacy for Construction Exterior with Artificial Grass Fence

fake grass wall supplier

Artificial Grass Wall

If you frequently import construction equipment or building materials, presumably that you’ve got experience of privacy covering. Because it’s inevitable to carry out projects like road reconstruction, real-estate development, or something else related to building. What will pedestrians think when they see the sites are in mess and remains? Whether the construction takes place in the city center or countryside, unsightly sites can even affect the city’s identity.

Now, why not take into account artificial privacy plants? it’s time to cover synthetic grass rolls in your current product series because it’s rather cost-effective for your business. With easy installation, artificial wall grass can not only create a privacy screen but also transform into suitable landscaping. Indeed, artificial grass or turf gains much popularity among regions in developed nations because of advanced technology.

Instead of plastic, synthetic grass consists of fresh PVC materials to keep a fresh green looking. Though the grass is artificial, it’s hard to distinguish from natural grass at first sight. Hyper-realistic with textures, artificial grass rolls are also a great alternative for fence screen, landscape products.

Advanced artificial privacy plants, on one hand, increase the aesthetics of the entire space, on the other hand, are highly functional. On any account should they act as barriers to commercial sidewalks and parking lot fences. What’s more, they turn into privacy corners on the restaurant terrace and block views of indecent elements. Discover More artificial fence and hedging plants!

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