use of artificial wreath on doors

For customers, the attractiveness of the door decoration is one of the factors that determine whether they will enter a store. How to choose the decoration is a problem that these shopkeepers need to consider. Among all artificial plants and preserved plants, I think that using the artificial wreath garland is a good choice.


What is Artificial Wreath

Artificial Wreath Garland

Artificial wreaths and garlands are Sales King for Christmas Shopping Season. They add holiday cheer and make the finishing point on entryways, living rooms, and more. When visitors come to visit, they will immediately leave a remarkable impression of the front door’s garland. Otherwise, if business owners are planning for the offices or building decor, vibrant wreaths add atmosphere.

The Harmony Between Garlands and The Door

When you are ready to enter a house or a shop, the first thing you notice is the decoration on the door. As the size of the wreath can be adapted, customers have the chance to choose a suitable size for their doors. Because it is easy to install, you can change it at any time according to the season and personal preference.

Door Silk Flower Wreath

Door Silk Flower Wreath

This kind of wreath is one of the most suitable plant arrangements that can ornament any season or celebrating theme. Whether indoors, outdoors, residential or commercial space, these silk wreaths made of artificial flowers and fake foliages will significantly impact the setting. Sunwing artificial silk wreaths are perfect for decorating the walls, doors, and exteriors, adding a dash of colors and warmth. What’s more, people can regard them as gift accessories for everyone.

Preserved Wreath for Front Door

Preserved Wreath for Front Door

People continuously choose between real plants and artificial plants; one is real and natural, and the other is durable and convenient. As a decorative element that has always been very popular, garlands naturally cannot avoid this contradiction. The preserved plant wreath has become a new choice for many people to neutralize this. We maintain the wreaths’ original appearance through a unique dehydration process, and their use time is prolonged, which gives users more possibilities in interior design.

Three types of preserved wreaths

Three types of preserved wreaths

  • Nature boxwood wreath
  • Preserved boxwood wreath set
  • Preserved wreath with cones

How to take care of preserved plants

A preserved wreath will have more extended longevity than a basic dried wreath. We do not recommend displaying preserved plants on any outdoor door unless you are in very low humidity, cool environment that doesn’t get wet. Here’s a complete list of precautions for using preserved wreaths.

  • Do not get them wet
  • Do not place them near the fire source
  • Do not expose them to direct sunlight
  • Do not touch them with your hands often

Why Choose Sunwing Artificial Wreaths

  • We offer a variety of colors and types for different themes, styles, seasons, etc.
  • We create artificial flower wreaths, artificial leaves garland, mixed combination, and special garland for the festival.
  • We select various artificial flowers and leaves to present seasonal looks, create beauty, or even bring celebrations cheer.

As a result, if you supply wreaths in the local market, look no further than our fake flower wreaths.


Conclusion: Compared with the real wreath, the artificial garland and preserved wreath can last for a long time without fading, you will enjoy the beauty all year round. Get wholesale catalog thru





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