When it comes to UV protection artificial plants, many doubts appeared like how it is produced, how it works, how long will it last, and so on? In this blog, Sunwing will answer all clients’ frequently asked questions regarding UV artificial outdoor plants.

What Are UV Protection Artificial Plants?

UV protection artificial plants are fake plants or flowers that have been treated with UV spray or manufactured with UV additives. They can resist UV, reduce fading, and crack in outdoor environments. Purchasing outdoor artificial plants for business use is the best decision you will make.

What Are They Made Of? Are There Different Kinds Of Outdoor UV Artificial Plants? 

Are all artificial plants UV proof? No! Regular plastic artificial plants are made without UV protection and will fade or change in a very short time. With UV treatment, the PE plants will stay outdoors for years with a very slow color-fading process. Here are three kinds of UV artificial plants, and you can check the material in detail below:

Weather Resistant Fake Plants 

-Most artificial plant raw materials

Most artificial plant leaves are made of plastic which is usually made of polyester, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyurethane (PU), or polyethylene (PE). These materials will not automatically resist UV rays. The plastic material itself will fade, change color, and become brittle over time.

UV-treated Artificial Plants

Applying UV protection spray for artificial plants 

The UV spray will protect the plants from outdoor UV or sun exposure to a certain degree. This is very easy to operate, but there are still many limits:

  • The UV spray cannot even cover all the leaves or plants, which reduce the final effects
  • The UV-resistant clear coat for artificial plants will be quickly washed in harsh weather.

UV-resistant Artificial Plants

Adding UV additives and Tinuvin (Hals) 

The UV stabilizers help fake plants absorb UV or convert UV radiation into heat to protect plastic plants from quick degradation in outdoor applications. Unlike UV plants created by UV spray, these inherently UV resistant plants have the following highlights:

  • Long-lasting durability & protection
  • Highly color-fading resistance
  • Much Extended lifespan

How Long Will UV Resistant Artificial Outdoor Plants Last?

Fake plants without UV treatment will fade quickly within 3-5 months. With UV protection, the faux greenery will be used for a much longer time. According to its production methods, the life span may vary from months to years.

Types-Of-Artificial-Outdoor-PlantsSunwing artificial plants China has been working hard to manufacture quality UV-resistant fake plants. You can be assured in using Sunwing UV-resistant artificial outdoor plants because all our UV artificial plants have passed strict SGS UV tests and can offer at least a 3-year outdoor warranty, We supply all kinds of artificial plants for commercial & projects, download artificial plants catalog if you are interested.

Factors Affecting UV Resistant Fake Outdoor Plants

The high-quality stabilizers added to the plastic will significantly increase the lifespan of our outdoor products. However, there are still many variables that make it very difficult to specify an exact lifespan. Variables include:

  • Amount of direct sunlight the product receives
  • Weather
  • Geographical location
  • Altitude
  • Humidity
  • Stratospheric ozone
  • Reflection

Regarding the lifespan of fake plants, there are many international standards for measuring them.

How To Test UV Protection In Artificial Plants?

Tested under natural conditions

We can put it under the sun to test its aging timeline. Waiting for a long time. However, it is time-consuming.

Hernia lights test

UV-Aging-TestThose pros in the industry usually use hernia lights for quick lifetime tests. Simulate the UV received by artificial plants under natural light; test time is equivalent to one year, eighteen months, two years, and three years. The UV shielding rating criteria for artificial plants include color change, glossy change & cracked degree of the test before & after. The specific standard refers to ASTM G154-12a Cycle1 & ISO 105-A02:1993.

The use time range of these plants is an estimate and depends on the area where you live, the conditions, how long the plants are exposed to direct sunlight, and the UV intensity in your area. This is just a measure of how long you want them to last in conditions, and your results may vary.

Sunwing UV Resistant Artificial Outdoor Plants

Sunwing artificial plants supplier has two main outdoor artificial plants product lines. The UV resistant artificial wall plants series and the UV protected artificial plants in pots series.

UV-resistant artificial wall plants

Sunwing UV Resistant Artificial Wall Plants Collection

Sunwing UV Resistant Artificial Wall Plants Collection

UV-protected artificial plants in pots

Sunwing UV Protected Plants In Pots

Sunwing UV Protected Plants In Pots Collection

As a large artificial plants supplier in China, supply all artificial plants bulk for commercial or projects. If you want to use fake plants for your business, welcome to check artificial plants for wall projects to get inspired.


Sunwing Industries Limited offers custom manufacturing services on both artificial plant styles and features according to your requirements. Sunwing has been investing a lot in high-performance UV-resistant & fire protection artificial plants. So if you want to wholesale artificial plants from China, or have any interests, welcome to discuss them thru





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