Artificial Plants Wholesale

Wholesale artificial greenery or wholesale artificial plants, hedges fence panels, hedging planters, vertical gardens, artificial plants in pots, artificial trees, or artificial grass turf in bulk from Sunwing Industries Ltd. Sunwing will also be happy to consider retail requests for Sunwing artificial hedges, vertical garden or artificial plants pots ranges. Check more projects we supply on artificial plants for wall page!

Suitable for:

  • Garden Centers or Homemaker Centers
  • Online or Offline Retail Outlets or Shops
  • Interior Design or Outdoor Living Supplier
  • Landscaping, Construction or Building Material Buyers
  • Event Rental or Wedding Decorators

Why Sunwing Artificial Plants Wholesale & Trade?

  • Over 10000sqm Warehouse & 5000sqm Workshop for mass production
  • Obtain Artificial Plant Factory Direct Price with exclusive wholesale discounts(Minimum order Required)
  • Get the latest artificial plants trends for different markets
  • Strict Quality Control System to ensure premium products
  • Efficient Production & Short lead time Ensure a Timely Delivery

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